There’s always something to be grateful for.  Today, for me, it was umbrellas.

I was outside for hours today, on soggy bleachers, watching my daughter play softball.  It was raining on and off all day and the games continued on.  The players played with the rain falling on them, but me… I was nice and dry under my umbrella.  At a couple of different moments, I simply marveled at the design and the material, thinking how miserable I’d be feeling if not for my umbrella.

And I was filled with gratitude for whoever designed the first umbrella.  What a great invention!

It’s good to become aware of our gratitude for the simplest things, you know.  The absence of the umbrella would have been very uncomfortable, but it would have been very easy to overlook its value because it’s such an ordinary item.

Look around and notice with gratitude the simple, ordinary, mundane, functional things around you that you ordinarily take for granted.

Blessings and love to you today!

P.S. Umbrellas always make me think of that old Hollies song “Bus Stop”.  Bus stop, wet day, she’s there, I say, Please share my umbrella.  Bus stop, bus goes, she stays, love grows, under my umbrella.  (Too bad they don’t sell it on iTunes…)


I’ve had the good fortune lately to be teaching a lot of classes on the Yuen Method of energy healing.  It’s really a joy sharing information that has transformed my life over the last nine years.

Since I’ve been practicing the Yuen Method on myself and others for so long, the method itself has sort-of become the way I think.  Nearly all day long, I work on my own energy and at this point, nearly all my thoughts are designed to bring healing to either myself or to others.  It’s a pretty cool way to live.  I love it.

As I’ve begun to teach others, and they bring me their questions and experiences, it has challenged me to bring into my conscious mind, and find words for, things that have become automatic and barely conscious at all.

One week I shared with my practice group students (a super-cool group of people I meet with weekly to share and practice the nuances of the Yuen Method of energy healing — if you’re interested in joining us, you are welcome to attend in person or by phone) my personal energetic hygiene routine.  Basic energy healing corrections I make on myself each day.  You know, like combing my hair and brushing my teeth.  Stuff that just keeps me energetically healthy.

Each night when I’m about to fall asleep I meditate, of course, and I work Yuen on my “slow burn” issues — those big themes that are work-in-progress issues for me.  These are the things that sometimes take several months (or more) of consistent work to clear.

In the morning, though, I do the basic hygiene stuff.  When I wash my hair in the shower, I massage my scalp and send energy healing corrections to strengthen my hair and the hair follicles, encouraging full hair growth.  In the winter my skin gets very dry, so while I’m showering, I send corrections to strengthen my skin for staying hydrated and I get neutral to whatever soaps and lotions I’m using.  As I’m applying my facial moisturizer, I strengthen my skin for hydration, increased elasticity, decreased memories of wrinkles at the deepest layers of the skin (to minimize and reverse wrinkles) and smooth texture and even color.  So, essentially, whatever issues or worries I might have about my body and appearance, I simply address with energy healing.

Throughout the day, I strengthen my central nervous system and especially my spinal cord, for any existing and possible new weaknesses.  I strengthen my lymphatic system in general, for toxins, stagnation and inflammation.  I affirm all day long that everything I do is easy, effortless and fun (or safe, when I’m thinking about driving).  I strengthen myself for being relaxed and at ease throughout the day, at whatever I’m doing.

All of these healing corrections happen as quickly as a thought.  And as effortlessly.

The results are great.  Not that my life is perfect.  It’s not.  But, it makes dealing with the imperfections much easier and less painful.  I suffer less and enjoy more.

Hi, everyone! Again, I’ve been away for a while. I’ve got a couple of upcoming events scheduled — would love it if you joined me!

Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 7:00-8:00pm Central/Chicago
Call-in Yuen Method Group Healing on Sexual Trauma and Sexuality

I’ve had a lot of requests for a group healing session on this topic.  The healing will include the big stuff and the small stuff, stuff that happened to you, things that affect you, recent stuff and past-life stuff, girl stuff, boy stuff.  Almost everyone has some issue with sexuality and here’s an opportunity to clear layers of it.

Please email me at or call or text me at 262.225.3779 if you have questions or are interested in calling in.  When you RSVP, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice.  When payment is received, I’ll send you the call-in details.  Then, on Thursday evening, you simply dial the toll-free number and next enter the passcode and you’ll be connected to the call.

Cost: $15

Monday, October 13, 2014 at 8:00-9:00pm Central/Chicago

Guest on Keith Blanchard’s Center of Light Talk Radio Show

From your computer, you can join me on Keith Blanchard’s radio show.  We’re going to talk about my work with angels and energy healing.  You can even call in and I’ll do a mini angel reading for you!  This is going to be fun — I’ve never been on the radio before!  If you miss the live show, you can always listen to the archives.  I’ll post the link as the days approach.

Lately I’m doing most of my communicating by Facebook — if you’d like more timely updates, please find me there: Laura Watson.  You are welcome to call me or text me at 262.225.3779 or email me at

Blessings to you!

Hey, y’all!  (cough, cough, sputter, sneeze)

It’s gotten really dusty in here again (just like my house…).  I realize the last time I posted was back in October… 

Once again I sit here in front of my screen thinking a million thoughts, and yet nothing very inspiring.  (giggle)

(pause as I ponder)

Okay, I’ve got it.  On my blog I just sort of write about whatever I’m thinking about.  And, right now, what I’m enjoying is listening to Emotional Awareness by the Dalai Lama and Paul Ekman. I borrowed the book on CD from the library and it’s wonderful.  I adore the Dalai Lama.  He’s truly my role model for behavior. 

You know those little WWJD bracelets that used to be all the rage (maybe they still are, I don’t know)?  You know, the ones that mean “What Would Jesus Do?”  You know, encouraging you to do your best in any given situation?  Obviously, I love Jesus (does that sound weird?).  His model of love and forgiveness is my underlying philosophy, especially being a novice student of A Course In Miracle.  I am training my mind to automatically look for forgiveness in every situation, and I’m getting pretty good at it. 

But, the Dalai Lama is my go-to mentor for what to say and do in a tricky situation.  For example, sometimes I get really annoyed by people and I want to say something snarky or defensive.  But then I wonder what the Dalai Lama would say to that person.  I think What Would the Dalai Lama Do?  And, I imagine he’d smile and pause, look within himself to see if whatever off-the-wall craziness they’re saying may have a speck of truth and helpfulness to him, and then he’d say something gracious and gentle.  Ah… I just love that about him.  I really try to do that.

So, this book is looking at emotions from a Western scientific view as compared with the Tibetan Buddhist view.  And it’s fascinating.  It is discussing many topics related to emotions and then how meditation can help improve our relationship with our emotions. 

Great stuff!

A lot of it is very applicable to my yin yoga practice.  One idea that comes through the book is that we benefit from slowing down the time between feeling an emotion and acting on it.  Moving from a place of reaction to one of response.  We bring a consciousness to our emotions and then give ourselves time to make a choice, instead of a knee-jerk reaction.  In the end, this saves us from some suffering.  It’s wisdom.

On the other hand, the scientific side, Mr. Ekman discusses how our ancestors lived longer by having quick reaction times to some emotions, especially fear.  One example was seeing a coiled-up hose and thinking it’s a coiled-up snake.  If we mistake the hose for a snake, we stay safe by taking action and moving away from it.  However, if we mistake a snake for a hose, we could end up getting bit and maybe dying.  So, that’s good for our survival. 

However, if we over-condition ourselves toward an attitude of fear — where we assume that life is full of danger and that we may die at every turn — we miss out on a chance to truly live.  Survive, sure.  Live, maybe not.

So, we want to find a middle place, where we can use our emotions to help guide us, but not be so controlled by our negative emotions that we live less richly.  By slowing down a little, and allowing the fear to get our attention just enough to assess the risk, but then moving into choice, we gain more control in our lives and we may enjoy it more.  Not feeling so fearful, but feeling confident and capable.

It’s evolution, actually.  Moving away from merely surviving — toward thriving.

Meditation is very good — very helpful for this — the Dalai Lama explains why in the book.  But, we can feel it (even if we can’t fully explain it) when we quiet the body and the mind, paying close attention to our breath, our walking, our eating, our talking, our touching.  We expand our conscious experience in simple ways first and then we apply that expansion to other areas.

Awareness of our emotions is really helpful.  So is awareness of physical sensations while doing yoga (or whatever physical activity you enjoy).  Making eye contact is good.  A long hug is good.  Playing with children and animals is good. Savoring a meal or a warm drink is good.

Go do some good stuff today — and really experience it!  Really feel it and feel fully alive! 

Blessings today! 

On this little blog, I write about what I see and notice and think about.

I’ve noticed the pattern with some people — and these are people who like to see themselves as highly evolved spiritually — that they will always gravitate toward change.  They revere change.  They yearn for it.  They create it.  They (may I even say…) worship it — hold it in the highest regard.

Don’t get me wrong… change IS good.  I also strive for change — especially change around things that are not feeling right, or going right.  When we cease to change, we die.  Simple as that.  So, I strive for change and evolution within myself.  I like to update my clothes and the decorations in my house.  I like to challenge myself to learn new things, to see things from a broader perspective.  I enjoy meeting new people, so I can learn yet more about what other people care about.  I am mindful of when situations and relationships no longer serve me and I let some go when I need to.

But, that’s not what I’m noticing in some people.  Some people pursue change to avoid being still, as if stillness was the same as stagnancy.  It’s not the same.  I see and feel that some people get really agitated if things are still for too long. 

In an effort to avoid the discomfort of being still for too long, they change something.  And, I see ego creeping in,  congratulating them for having the courage to make change, and to deal with the fall-out.  I see ego telling them they are more spiritually advanced for making changes for the sake of making changes — and maybe even MORE spiritually advanced than those people who haven’t changed something recently.

“Out with the old, in with the new!” is their motto.  Again, not an entirely bad motto.

But, there can be great value in letting things be for a while.  We can find a balance between appreciating the constant, “old” things while embracing change and “new” things.  If we always throw out the old in favor of the new, I feel we lose our grounding and our root system.  We can expand our roots, deepen them and branch out from them AND we can grow our top-most branches.  We can reach for great heights and find the changing seasons reflected in our growth — buds, flowers, full leaves, ripening fruit and eventually a dropping off of the old. 

I caution an over-valuing of constant change at all cost, just as I caution an over-valuing of preserving “tradition” at all cost.

As always, it’s the yin in balance with the yang.


Yesterday I made my (nearly daily) post-yoga trip to Starbucks (to get my tall soy chai latte and maybe a warm croissant, if I’m feeling like that, but yesterday I wasn’t) and I was sitting in line thinking about doing good in the world.  Thinking about how a small act of kindness or wisdom can expand from person to person, creating a ripple effect of positivity and change. 

I thought, I’m going to pay for the person behind me in line.  Yeah, that would be cool.  I’ll do that.

Then fear thought.  What if she’s buying coffee for the whole office, or LUNCH for the whole office?  How much is this going to cost?  Love countered: she’s probably not.  Use your prepaid card and if it’s more than that, just pay what you have left on your card. 

Ego said, you know what, just forget it.  It’s a weird idea and someone might think you’re nuts.  Love countered:  no one would think you’re nuts and it’s not a weird idea.  Besides, you don’t know who’s behind you, she doesn’t know you — there’s no way to judge.

Ego said, you know, someone might not want you to spend money on someone you don’t know.  Love said, that person’s not in the car.  You’re by yourself.  What do YOU want to do? 

Then I realized, do I WANT to “pay it forward”?  My angels showed me the circle of karma that comes from doing small things.  They assured me that these things come back around and bless us in many ways.  We do for ourselves what we do for others.

Meanwhile, the line is moving really slowly — I had a lot of time to think about this…

Ego said, You know…  Maybe next time.  Nice idea, but just let it go.  Love said: why not now?  Why not today?  Why wait?

Ego said, what if she’s buying a lot of coffees.  Paying for one is one thing.  Paying for six, though…  Are you sure you want to risk it?  Love said:  who cares if it’s six?  It’s going to be okay.  Do it.

Okay!  Yes, I’m going to do it!

Finally I pull up to the window.  Cute barista boy hands me my chai and says, “This one’s on me.  Thanks for being patient.”

[Stunned silence and utter disbelief]

So, the universe showed me INSTANTLY how “paying it forward” works.  I was “paid back” before I even paid forward!  Unbelievable!

I thanked the cute barista boy and said, “Well, then can I pay for the car behind me?” and gave him my prepaid card.

He ran it, thanked me and we were both happy.

How much was the coffee of the car behind me?  I have no idea.  I didn’t ask and he didn’t tell me.

Don’t let other people define you.  Define yourself.

People tell us things about ourselves and sometimes it’s helpful, nice things.  Like, “you’re really good at ______”.  Or, “You’re an amazing ______”.

And, that’s cool.  Sometimes it helps to be inspired by what others see in us.  Sometimes what they say is true too. 

Sometimes there’s more to the story.  Sometimes what they say is really more about them.  You become a reflection of their own good stuff — and that’s also really nice.  It’s a very cool thing to be in that space of intersection between the good in ourselves and the good in others.  It’s a sacred place to stand.

But, sometimes there’s yet more going on.

Sometimes, some people want to define you so that they can understand you and keep you in a box that makes sense to them.  And, depending on their abilities and the openness of their hearts and minds, that box can be too small for how truly great you are.  Sometimes a compliment, though very nice, is way too small.

You are many, many things.  You are amazing things!  You are many, many amazing things you haven’t even discovered yet!  Allow yourself to get to know yourself deeper and broader.

Get to know your greatness on all levels — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, psychic, psychological, relational.  Allow yourself to develop and expand … evolve!

Accept compliments you receive with grace and gratitude.  Be pleased when someone sees something good in you.

And, don’t let it overly define you — define yourself.  Know yourself.  Be yourself.

You are a light and a blessing.  Be that. 

Love today!

My intention is write more often, here on this little blog. The problem is, sometimes my thoughts aren’t very inspiring (or even very nice). And that’s why I haven’t written much for a while.

I decided, though, that I would write about the things that are on my mind, and if they’re more negative things, I would write about how I work through that stuff. Because it’s real, you know? Life’s not perfect. Some parts of life, frankly, stink.

So, one thing that I see happening around me is that there are some people in the world so committed to competition that it isn’t simply enough for them to win… they’re only happy is someone else loses.

I see this with material things. They MUST have the best. The newest. The most stylish. The most expensive. The most prestigious. And, it’s really nice stuff.

But they don’t stop there. They need to evaluate what I have and make sure they point out that theirs is much better than mine. Or that mine isn’t good at all. Or even what was I thinking having that in the first place.

And, it happens with experiences. They take amazing trips and do some cool stuff. And, it truly is great!

But then they need to look at what I’ve done or where I’ve gone and feel they need to discount it. That place isn’t really that great — have you heard about all the bad things that happen there? That experience isn’t really that special — I’ve done something much better.

These people like to plants seeds of doubt and judgment. It’s weird. And annoying. Seriously annoying.

So, here’s how I work with this. First, I whine about it and feel pretty bad — it triggers my victim energy. I feel attacked and I feel the need to defend myself.

But, I resist that now because I know better. What use would it serve to defend my stuff and my choices? It’s not like I’m going to change their mind and defending my stuff doesn’t make it any more valuable to them. And, if I remain confident in myself, their weird judgments and statements don’t matter in the least. I LIKE my stuff. I LIKE my choices.

Also, I work the energy of it. These people are in pain. They’re scared. They’re often panicky, to be honest. Their sense of self is so tied up in material things that they don’t have a solid sense of Self. And, they’re also so focused on the outer layers that they see themselves only as a function of someone else. So, in order for them to feel GOOD, they think they must feel BETTER than someone else.

It’s not really my own mind-set, so it’s tough to understand sometimes.

When I tune into these things, then I can send energy healing to them, to help them feel less scared and less panicky. I also send myself some healing so I don’t feel so annoyed — so I’m able to love and forgive them for acting this way.

There’s also the pesky little piece about my past lives too. In at least one past life I was a very powerful, wealthy person and I was an a$$. I hurt people. I used people. I stole and manipulated and did all kinds of unsavory things. So, I do find that in this lifetime, I’ve got some people who want to show me that they’re better off than I am and they might be holding a grudge toward me.

That’s cool. I get it. And, I’m truly sorry for the bad stuff I did in the past — I’m committed to offering healing and light in this lifetime. I really want the best for everyone and believe that it’s possible for everyone to have a rich, full life. There’s no need for someone to suffer to allow someone else to have goodness. We can all have goodness. We can feel safe being happy for each other. We can trust each other to be gentle and loving.

Blessings of trust and joy and confidence to you today!

It’s been ages since I’ve updated my little blog with my thoughts. So while I’m waiting for one of my kids to finish their activity, I thought I’d grab a chai latte at Starbucks and write something profound and deep.

Then two teenage girls set up at the table next to me and I thought to myself, “Oh, great… now while I’m connecting in with my Inner Profound-ness I’m going to overhear their silliness.”

And, then I thought. Silliness is good. It’s fun. It raises my vibration. I’m silly all the time (embarrassingly so, according to my teenagers…). So, instead of writing something Profound and Wise, I’m going to make a list of all the silly things that I like.

I’ve got a deep, long-term crush on Dean Martin and am looking forward to hearing his Christmas and winter songs. [swoon]

I have choreographed a dance to Soul Bossa Nova. My youngest daughter and I totally “jam out” to it!

I get really spooked by horror movies and even scary masks. I only like the smiling ghosts at Halloween.

I like chai lattes made with soy milk. I super-love salted caramel hot chocolates, but can only drink half of it.

I LOVE popcorn. All the time. As often as possible.

I super-love yoga, especially inversions. I like being upside down.

I like the show Once Upon A Time.

I don’t like Nicholas Sparks books but I super-love Kate Morton’s books.

I don’t love sushi, but I’m getting to like it a little better.

I love watching baseball. I’m not a sophisticated watcher (I mainly just like the cute players and being outside in the summer).

I don’t really like football (actually I barely like it at all). But, I like college games in the fall. I don’t like hockey.

I love all things British royalty. The only time I buy celebrity magazines is when Princess Kate is on the cover.

I love listening to kirtan and I also really like Pitbull. I think I’m just too old to appreciate Justin Timberlake.

I love browsing through the cosmetics department at Walgreens.

I love the vegetarian chili recipe I got from Whole Foods. Yumm!

I love watching Jane Austen movies.

I love knitting and am teaching myself to crochet. I’m knitting baby mittens and am making an Advent calendar out of them.

I love my little dog Winston. He’s so cute and so devoted to me. Sweet little dog. Little furry face.

I’m not a fan of the long Wisconsin winters, but I do LOVE warm socks and electric blankets.

I make my own yogurt.

I hide good European chocolate from my children and eat it whenever I want it.

I love platform heels, but spend most of my time barefoot, which I also love.

I love swishy skirts and cute bras.

I love forsythia bushes in the spring. I love lilac bushes and peonies.

I can still do a cartwheel and my kids are impressed by that. They’re also impressed that I can stand on my head (it’s nice when teenagers are impressed by something you do…).

I like ironing, but I don’t like the thought of ironing…

I can fold a fitted sheet — it’s my secret super-power!

I’m better at darts and bowling when I’ve had a few drinks — and if Def Leppard is playing in the background.

I don’t like soggy bread, unless it’s sweet.

My favorite colors are sky blue and rosey pink. (My kids ask me regularly.)

Well, that was fun. Thanks, silly teenage girls. You’re adorable!

I’m a mother of three children and my youngest is a first grader. When I heard the news of the school shooting in Connecticut on Friday, I nearly vomited. A wave of fear rushed through me and I felt dizzy and overwhelmed. I would guess most of us parents felt something similar. I just wanted to have my babies at home with me. I think we all felt that way… And when they all came home from school I was filled with gratitude and love for them. We all felt that way too.

WHAT is this about? HOW can we make sense of this kind of thing? WHAT am I supposed to do with this?

I feel really fortunate and blessed that I have very easy access to the angels and ascended masters and I really can ask them for their wisdom and guidance about things like this. I don’t have to try to figure it out for myself.

I know better than to watch the news. In fact, a friend told me about the shooting and I got plenty of details from her and then from others over the next few days. There was no need for me to watch TV to be inundated with the drama of it. As an intuitive, I could already feel the depth of panic, grief and terror. It’s not difficult for me to put myself into the children’s homes and to sit there with their parents, missing their babies. It’s not difficult for me to step into the classroom where the shooting happened and to look around at all the sweet artwork and innocent surroundings of kindergarten life and feel the utter disconnect between the artwork and the violence. No need to watch some news coverage that takes advantage of people’s suffering.

But, what to do with all that heaviness? The fear, the grief, the compassion and pity? How can I possibly send my kids to school on Monday morning? How can I feel safe anywhere?

So, I just want you to know, I get it. I feel the fear and the worry and the overwhelm. I’m a mother too.

What I do is meditate and ask the angels to explain things to me and to tell me what to do.

They tell me to not fall into fear. Send my children to school. Don’t worry — enjoy life and prepare for Christmas as planned. Bake the cookies and wrap the gifts.

But, angels! What MORE can I do?

They say love deeply and forgive completely. And, I know what they mean. I’ve been a novice student of A Course In Miracles and Ho’oponopono for several years, so forgiving and loving is what I try to do. I also began to clear my fear energy. I began to look at past life connections and karma and lessons to be learned. I could feel that the children are happy and joyful being in heaven, greeted by beautiful angels and people they know and love. I sent blessings of comfort to the families whose hearts are broken. I asked angels to hold them and comfort them. I asked the angels to help us all learn what we need to learn from this so it never has to happen again.

And yet… there are questions that come up. How can this event be part of any divine plan? How could this be “good” in any way?

The angels say that events like this show us how important it is to actively love one another. Tell each other we matter. Treat each other with gratitude and affection. Keep perspective on what really is important.

For our society to mature spiritually, we must learn to love and forgive. But, you might say, “I cannot forgive the shooter — that is pure evil.” Okay, so let’s not start by forgiving the shooter. Let’s start by forgiving others.

I could feel in my meditation that there were some police officers who blamed themselves for not doing more, for letting so many children die. Can we forgive them? Of course we can — that’s easy. They are heroes who saved so many more people from being injured or killed. If we can forgive them, we help them move to a place where they can forgive themselves too.

I could feel that there are some parents who can’t forgive themselves for sending their children to school that day. They are blaming themselves. Can we forgive them? Of course we can — that’s easy too. They loved their children — they wanted all the best in life for them. If we can forgive those parents, we make it easier for them to forgive themselves.

If you are able to begin to forgive the shooter, then please do that. As we forgive each other, we untie the binds of the ego that keep evil, hateful things from happening.  If you aren’t able to forgive the shooter right now, that’s okay.  Forgive what you can.

It’s not that we just sit around, though.  We forgive, we love AND we take action. We figure out how to protect our children and we figure out public policies and safety guidelines. We do all of that while forgiving and loving.

The angels also gave me an interesting perspective on these little children.  Because, God, how could you take these babies to heaven when they’re so young?

The angels said to me, what if these babies were Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, St. Francis, Mother Theresa and others who came to help us learn something very important?  Those ascended masters, fully enlightened souls, have no need to live for 75-85 years in a physical body — they’ve already finished all their work here.  Now, we have a hard time understanding that — to us, a full life means a long life in a healthy body and mind.  But there are very full lives that are much shorter.  Some of our wisest teachers are not the oldest physically.

Can we learn from this?

Can we love more deeply?  Can we live in gratitude?  Can we seize every moment and live life to the fullest?

I’m not saying it’s easy.  And, I’m not saying I’m not still getting caught up in the fear and horror of it too at times.  It’s just that there’s more going on.  Everything is a call to love and forgive and to be good and kind to one another.

Hug your babies today — and hug someone else.  We all need it.  Blessings and love to you!

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