Hi!  This is Laura and I’m excited to be starting my blog and website.  I’m going to share my thoughts and experiences as a lightworker — doing energy healing work, using the Yuen Method; being an Angel Therapy Practitioner®; receiving insights during meditation; trying to live my best life, and encouraging and helping others to live their best lives.  I’ll also share a bit about my own spiritual path — those things that I’m currently working on.

I imagine this place to be wise at times, silly at times — but *always* a striving toward truth and love.

Remember that your angels are *always* with you — each moment of each hour of each day.  You are *never* alone and are *always* loved, *never* judged.  Your angels are available and eager to guide you in your life — the big and the little stuff.  Your truest nature is love — pure, radiant love — that’s who you are and that’s who the angels see when they look at you.

Blessings today!  Love from above.  -Laura