Sending out waves of love and comfort from the perspective of the angels.  Oh, my friends, so many of you are in fear!  The feelings of fear have become so commonplace — so comfortable, actually — that you’ve begun to see them as normal.  As a part of you.

Sometimes out of our fear we create these heavy, stone walls around us — to protect us.  From what??  These are not the boundaries I wrote about the other day.  These are fortresses to keep out stuff.  What stuff??

Relationships?  Closeness?  Love?  Realizations of our connectedness with each other?  New thoughts and ideas?  Expanding consciousness?

Oh, friends.  I just had a conversation with someone who is so filled with the fear that she is separate from God — so separate from God that she has to work really hard to find her way back.  But in no way is she separate from the divine — the divine runs through her veins, through her lungs, through her hair on a breezy day.  The divine surrounds her in each moment of her life.

In her desperate striving to connect again with God, she has agreed to live by a very narrow list of “rules” that will take her back.  And, if she can help others adopt that set of rules for themselves, I think she feels it will accelerate her own journey.

With deep compassion and light-filled love my heart connects with hers in a gesture of connectedness.  Poor, dear one — you don’t need to feel like you’re in a dark forest with little hope of seeing the light of day again.  Just open your eyes!  Open your heart!  Your angels are standing right by your side, extending their hands to you to help bring you to a place of beauty and peace.

That’s your Truth, you know.  You are beauty and peace.  Please don’t be afraid.  Don’t be afraid that you’re lost.  Don’t be afraid that you’ll never find your way.  Just sit in silence for a moment and feel the love that is coming to you.  Feel how beautiful heaven thinks you are.  Realize that when you chip away at those things (thoughts, beliefs, fears, memories) that are getting in the way, you will radiate pure love within yourself and outside of yourself for the whole world to see.

And, that would be bringing the Christ who is within, outward onto the earth.

Bless the Christians!  Bless the Hindus!  Bless the Jews!  Bless the Buddhists!  Bless all the paths to the divine!  Bless all who wander and seek!  Bless those that are sitting this one out!

Bless us all!