Okay, I suspect this will happen quite often on my blog.  The angels are calling me to add to my last post about finding your counter-pose.

They want to add some depth around what I wrote about shavasana.  Shavasana is more than just a relaxation pose — a total surrender to the integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects of the yoga practice.  In Sanskrit shavasana means “corpse pose”.

The angels want to remind us of that.  There are times of death.  There are big, massive deaths and there are mini deaths.  We experience them both within our lifetimes.

Right now there are many deaths happening — deaths of old ways of thinking.  Deaths of expectations.  Deaths of plans.  Deaths of companies and maybe even industries.

It may be a time of grieving the loss of the old — and it’s okay to do a bit of grieving.  That can be a very powerful and healing send-off.  (Try not to over-grieve, though; that can be an energetic sink-hole.)  Just as in shavasana, find a comfortable position and ease into the *feeling* of the death.  Let it swallow you up just like sinking into a warm bath.  It doesn’t have to be scary — you *can* welcome it.  Cry, wail, lament — whatever comes up, comes up.

But, please realize, the angels tell you, that rebirth is coming.  Spring is coming.  Those things that have died will be the composting material for the new.  It is the nature of things.  The turning of the wheel.  There is nothing to fear when a tulip dies out for the remainder of the summer and into the fall and winter.  Because you *know* that in the spring a beautiful flower will emerge again in its place.

The same is true for these things that are dying around us and within us.  Let’s send off those things — yes, maybe with a bit of grief and sadness — and sit in the quiet, still place of waiting and trusting.  Because, dear friends, rebirth is coming to us all!

The spirit remains even if the form is changed.  Surrender to the cycle, try not to control the outcome and be delighted by what spring brings to you.  It *will* be lovely.  It *will* be fragrant.

Focus on the new growth and not on the compost.  Appreciate the purpose of the compost — and of the death.