“Within the light that out of spirit depths

Weaves germinating power into space

And manifests the gods’ creative work:

Within its shine, the soul’s true being

Is widened into worldwide life

And resurrected

From narrow selfhood’s inner power.”

The Calendar of the Soul, Rudolf Steiner, translated from the German by Ruth and Hans Pusch.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Like I said last week, I’m no expert at Anthroposophy, but I’m always stirred by these little meditations.

This week’s message reminds me of a meditation that I did this weekend.  It was an image of the central nervous system glowing in yellow light, surrounded by brilliant white light, then surrounded by the depth of the Void.

As the attention moves to the glowing and takes in the fullness of the beauty of the central nervous system (that place within us that holds all memories, beliefs, expectations, emotions, thoughts, etc.) we begin to find our attention resting at heart center.  There, in the center of our energetic being, beats the rosy-pink life force.  Our heart.

We notice the pulsing.  The life.  The rhythm.  Our attention becomes fixated on this life force within us.  The energy then moves out of the heart, into both of our shoulders, down our arms and out our hands, stretching out and expanding in its reach — far and wide.

The energy, the light, our life force, then moves up and out in all directions.  Out of the atmosphere and into space where it circles the earth in all directions.  It meets back at the North Star where it joins with itself in a brilliant light ball.  Out of the ball of brilliant light streak many star beams of brilliant, silvery white light, reaching all corners of the universe.

One light beam flows directly back into our crown chakra and fills us with its brilliant, pure light energy.  As it reaches our heart center, that rosy-pink space within us begins to glow brighter and expands to twice its size.  As does the soft yellow light of our central nervous system.

As we notice the expansion of our inner experience and truth, the energy once again forcefully moves out of our heart center, through our arms and out our hands.  Once again it arcs out and around the earth, this time meeting at the south star where once again it creates a star of intense brilliance and clarity.  Once again this star bursts forth in glorious light, reaching all parts of the universe.

One of the star beams once again comes straight toward us an enters our crown chakra.  This time it moves all the way down our central nervous system, down our legs and through our feet, where it moves straight to the very center of the earth, grounding us to the Mother.

We find ourselves firmly grounded to the earth, becoming one with it, while maintaining the brilliant, purity of the light of the heavens.

We are reminded of our creative brilliance, our infinite potential as it manifests itself as a joining of the earthly with the heavenly.  We become firmly connected with both planes — the divine and the mundane.

As we stretch out our arms and hands in a gesture of sharing and generocity, we literally encompass the whole world in the gesture.  We touch all.

The vibrations of that generocity then ripple out throughout the world, circling it and moving out into space where it is intensified and purified and then returned to us in a way that doubles us.

Friends, this is Truth.  This is a quiet, yet profound truth of how our sharing comes back to us two-fold.  It is an image of our reach.  Our influence.  Our place in the cosmos.

We are not insignificant.  We are lit by the stars of heaven.  Shine, my friends!