“The senses’ might grows strong

United with the gods’ creative work;

It presses down my power of thinking

Into a dreamlike dullness.

When godly being

Desires union with my soul,

Must human thinking

In quiet dream-life rest content.”

— Rudolf Steiner, The Calendar of the Soul, translated from the German by Ruth and Hans Pusch

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Mmmmmmm . . .

Just soaking this little number in . . .

Calling you to allow your mental thoughts to go into a sweet little rest while allowing your senses to heighten, your intuition to blossom.

Definitely a call to meditation.  How about meditating in a sunbeam?  How about in a moonbeam?  How about in front of a campfire?  Or while gazing at a candle?  Or while petting the cat?  Or rocking a baby?  Or running your fingers through the grass?  Or someone’s hair?  Or while floating in the pool?  Or the bathtub?  Or while scrunching your toes in the sand?  Or squishing your fingers in a ball of wet clay?

How can you begin to move into feeling-ness instead of thinking-ness?

Mmmmm . . .  Of course, I choose yoga!  🙂

Set aside thinking for a little bit and begin to feel all there is to feel.