“In this the sun’s high hour it rests

With you to understand these words of wisdom:

Surrendered to the beauty of the world,

Be stirred with new-enlivened feeling;

The human ‘I’ can lose itself

And find itself within the cosmic ‘I’.”

— Rudolf Steiner, The Calendar of the Soul, translated from the German by Ruth and Hans Pusch

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Isn’t it great how this little verse ended up on this year’s Summer Solstice?  Happy Solstice!  Happy Father’s Day!

So, yes, today as we took in the longest day of the year, the sun rested for us and warmed our heart space to begin to see that the human “I” can melt into the larger, cosmic “I”.

As you know, if you read my little blog, I do a bit with A Course In Miracles.  One concept from ACIM that matches very well with this Steiner verse is the concept that we are all Christ.  Each of us is a unique expression of Christ.  We need to begin to see that Truth within ourselves and then we need to begin to see it in others.  In all others.  In everyone.  No exceptions.

It’s a journey, getting to that perspective.  Hey, but let’s journey!

Let’s begin to feel our connection with the divine.  Let’s suspend our limited beliefs about what God is like.  Let’s allow our perspective to widen to the edges of the universe as we consider the breadth of God’s love.  And, let’s consider that we are that love as well.

Let’s be the light that chases away the darkness.  Let’s keep lighting our light off of each other’s, sharing ours with others.  Let’s keep passing the torch to one another, around and around, sharing light, love and warmth with each other.  Let’s forgive what needs to be forgiven — in ourselves and in each other (and, don’t forget, there’s really no one else anyway — we’re all one, big, cosmic “I”).

And, friends.  Don’t worry about changing the world.  You don’t have to think that big right now.  Start with yourself.  Love yourself — illumine yourself from within.  Forgive yourself — wash yourself clean of guilt, anger and fear.  Those two very basic (but don’t fool yourself — they’re not always easy) processes — love and forgiveness — will change you from the inside out.

Then, as you go out into the world, loving and forgiving everyone you see (yes, even that rude driver . . . yes, even that nasty receptionist) you will begin to change the ripples of vibration that surround you and others will feel that.

And, that is changing the world — by changing yourself.

Happy Solstice!  Happy Father’s Day!