Hi, loves!

There are so many different ways to see our lives and all of the details contained within their days, weeks and years.  We can see them as problems to overcome, hassles to get through, hurdles to surmount.  That’s one way of seeing it.  Lots of us see it that way.

I think it’s kind of sad, actually, when people see life and relationships that way.  It’s like they’re just trying to get through the days and years without something bad happening.  Then, when they’re older, or some other threshold has been crossed, they’re nostalgic and regretful.  Maybe that’s just another problem for them to overcome . . .

Our angels encourage us to begin to let the curtains open on our lives.  To see through and beyond the ego-ridden surface.  To begin to see something else.  Some way else.

Things come up in life, no doubt.  Some undesirable stuff to be sure.  But, how else can we begin to see these things that come up?  Blessings in disguise, they say.  That’s a sweet, worn-out little phrase — my grandmothers used to use it a lot.  But, there’s a kernel of truth in cliches.

Blessings in disguise.  When we open up the curtains on our discomforts and irritations, what can we begin to find?  What patterns begin to materialize in our scope of vision?  Where do we begin to see that we’re attracting the same stuff over and over again?

Is it power and control stuff?  Is it victim stuff?  Is it communication stuff?  Is it forgiveness?  Judgment?  Condemnation?

How can we begin to turn these things around so that we’re surrounded by beauty and peace instead of these other things?  How can we attract what we want instead of what we don’t want?

It all begins with seeing ourselves and our world as blessings instead of hardships.  It begins with self love and acceptance — forgiveness and gentleness.  That’s no easy task, my dear friends.  Most of us think we’re doing that, but, oh my, these are tough things to do.

The gentleness alone is really tough to do!

Many of us are so much more willing and able to be gentle and loving toward other people.  We happily give ourselves away to make other people’s lives more comfortable, sometimes compromising our health and wellbeing to do it.  What if we turned that kindness and love onto ourselves?  (Yes, that might mean having to say no to certain people and situations — and, yes, that might mean some temporary discomfort . . .)

You are worth your own love and gentleness.  You are worth your own kind, encouraging words and care.  You are worth forgiving.

You are a child of God!  You are radiant, like a sun beam!  You are lit from within!

Can you begin to turn around your seeing and your thinking?  Can you begin to add up your blessings instead of your hardships?  Your angels can help you with this step because it is their great delight to help us remember how dearly loved we are by all of heaven.

Ask your angels to show you the way.  They’ll reach out their hands to you and gently guide you and your thoughts to the way of love and peace.

Meditate, friends.  Ask for help.  Be open to seeing things differently and trying new things to support your self care.  Yes, try energy healing — whatever modality you like.  Start to feel how multi-dimensional you are.  Start to bring your heart / mind / spirit into balance.

Add up your blessings — and your amazing opportunities!  You are dearly loved.