“Surrendering to senses’ revelation

I lost the drive of my own being,

And dreamlike thinking seemed

To daze and rob me of my self.

Yet quickening there draws near

In sense appearance cosmic thinking.”

The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner, translated from the German by Ruth and Hans Pusch

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Sometimes when things start to feel fuzzy for us, when we begin to get confused and overwhelmed in our thinking, we need to turn to our feelings.  Let our heart guide us.  Let our gut guide us.  Step aside from the intellectual toward the intuitive.

This can be really tough for us.  We rely on our logical, thinking selves to guide us safely through life.  Concrete, science- and fact-based thinking seems like protection.  It’s predictable and it’s got almost a rule book.  If we do this, then that happens.  If I do this, then that other person will do that.  If I take this plan of action, then I can expect this outcome.

Good stuff, actually, this linear, logical thinking.  I used it all the time in my 20s and it served me quite well.


Until it no longer did.  Until I hit a major life snag that logical, linear thinking could not solve.  I felt overwhelmed and stuck in my head.  And it was scary!  I had no idea what to do or how to move forward.  That dazed state robbed me of my Self.

But, it was a catalyst toward a more integrated approach.  Once I surrendered, an opening appeared.   A beautiful, light-filled opening.  True safety.  Truth.  Love.  Wisdom.

Now, I didn’t know that at the time.  It was a long-ish process, this awakening.  I wasn’t exactly looking for it or expecting it.  I was more throwing myself down in the sand and letting the waves roll over me.  But, Spirit knew what she was doing and all the building blocks began to line up in a perfect row — and my Life began to bloom.

Allow yourself to open to your own inner wisdom and greatness.  Set aside your mental focus for a bit and get in touch with your senses.  Allow yourself to feel.  Allow yourself to get a little swept away in your sensations.

Be gentle and beautiful with yourself.  Love yourself and your feelings — your inner feelings and your outer feelings.

Let yourself experience cosmic thinking — the thinking of the cosmos through your body, heart and mind.