These are powerful times, friends.  They really are.  Some of you are paying attention to the 2012 phenomenon.  Others of you are tuned into Karen Bishop’s Emerging Earth Angels writings.  Still others are just beginning to find your way inward and upward.

It’s all pretty powerful.  It feels like we’re moving at mach speed.

The angels remind you, though, that you’re at the wheel and they are your co-pilots.  So, you’re never alone and you’ve got some really competent help right beside you.  You can allow your courage to build.  You can take bold action.  You’re being looked after.

Or, you can surrender the driving to them for a bit.  You can unclench your fists from those parts of your life that need release.  You can let blood back into those white knuckles.

Whatever you do — and, believe me, I know you all are facing decisions — you can be assured that your guardian angels are looking out for you.  And, they guide you — they’ve got really good suggestions for you.  They know your entire journey and they can help you navigate your path so that it’s as smooth as possible (and still plenty picturesque and interesting).

One reading I did for a client a while back was about her journey through life.  The angels showed me that she was walking along the beach on these big stones and rocks.  It was tough going and she had to pay attention to every step she took or else she could fall.  What she didn’t realize because she was so focused on her feet, was that if she moved over to her left by about 25 feet, it just smooth sand.

That’s how it can be, friends, when you intend for your life to go more smoothly.  Your angels will draw your attention to a smoother path.  One you can relax into and enjoy a little more.  One that isn’t such hard work, but still gets you to the same place.  And, one that allows you to focus more on what’s going on around you while you move forward.

But, again, it requires some surrender and relinquishing of control.  That can be *really* scary, I know.  We Americans value being in control.  It’s tough to be dependent on anyone or anything — especially someone who we probably can’t see (though you can learn!).

As always, the angels encourage you to seek out their companionship.  Look for signs that they’re with you.  Look for repeated numbers popping up everywhere (like on digital clocks, phone numbers, license plates) — those numbers have meaning.  Post your numbers and I’ll look them up for you.

One day I was out running a whole bunch of errands and during that time I heard two angel songs on the store PA system — and a guy wearing a T-shirt with angel wings silk-screened on the back.  Now, that’s pretty obvious — and easy to see.  But, then again, I notice that kind of stuff.

You try it too!  What kinds of signs are you being given all day?  Look up for a minute and see what you can see!  They are with you and they love to show you how much they love you.

Love and blessings today!