Hi, beloveds!

There are times when we must be teachers and times when we must be students.

There are times when we must humble ourselves to be the student and times when we must rise up to be a teacher.

I know some people who are natural teachers.  They jump at the chance to  share what they know, to whomever wants to learn.

And, I know some natural students (I’m one of those too).  They soak up every learning opportunity.

Sometimes, though, natural students and natural teachers need to reverse their roles.  Sometimes the teacher needs to be the student and the student needs to teach.  I see that it can be a difficult reversal at times.

One of my irk-ies is when natural teachers fail to have the humility to set aside teaching in favor of learning something new.  If we get stuck in our role as teacher, we lose some mental flexibility and start to get rigid.  It can be easy to stay stuck in the ego and not want to seem “stupid” or “less-than” and be willing to admit that there’s something you don’t know.

Just as irk-y is when students gather and gather, but then don’t share.  It’s important to keep the flow of knowledge and wisdom circulating.  There are times when you must speak and not just listen.  There are times when the student is ready and you are the teacher.  It’s important to arrive.

So, which are you most naturally:  teacher or student?

Are you willing to step out of your role and try reversing it?  Are you able to see when a divine meeting has arrived — one where you can be the teacher or the student with another?

The teacher/student role comes up as an energetic sticking point between people pretty often in my practice.  Past times when being a teacher — usually a bad one — causes pain for oneself or for another and that causes problems.  Or, past lives when one wanted to be a student and couldn’t, or was forced to be, or was mistreated.  Just issues to resolve.  Just layers.

I’m embarking on a new journey — yoga teacher training.  So, I’m encountering within myself my own issues of becoming a teacher.  It’s a good leg of the journey — very interesting.  I’m learning more about myself and stretching myself and that feels really good.

It’s bringing balance within myself.  And, I love balance.

Blessings today, friends!