Hello!  Ooooh, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  As I wrote in one of my earlier posts, I’m taking on yoga teacher training right now.  I’m more than half way through and it’s been such a wonderful, heart and mind-opening journey for me.

Friends, there is *always* something to learn.  We are *never* done.  Never.

So . . . 

Happy New Year, dear ones!  Happy newness!  Happy starts!  Happy finishes!  Happy everything!

This is your year — this is it.  This is your life.  Step boldly and move forward this year!

I’m surrounding my little website and blog with a grid of light, love and peace and if you enter here it is yours for the taking.  Breathe deeply and feel connected to the infinite wisdom and love of the highest sources.  Feel a circle of angels and ascended masters smiling down their love onto your beautiful, up-turned face.  You are loved, accepted and unconditionally forgiven (they tell me emmphatically that there is nothing to forgive, dear ones.  There is nothing left to forgive — it’s already done.)  Accept your place in the grid of love and light.  Find your spot — own it and live it.

Let love and light shine out from your heart chakra, through your eyes, through your touch and through your footprints.  Be like good King Wenceslas — providing heat in your very footsteps to provide comfort and warmth to those who follow behind you.

I’ve decided that in these last few months of yoga training, I’m going to post little FaceBook-like status updates on my blog.  It’s not as complete as a regular blog entry, but it’s better than leaving months of silence . . .

With a tidal wave of love to you all!  Blessings on this new year!