Friends, it’s going to be great.  15 hours of yoga instruction:  some practical, some physical, some philosophical.  These weekends are always a combination of exhileration and exhaustion for me.

On this yoga teacher training journey I’ve had to confront some fears.  Mostly fears of being a “bad” teacher.  Not just a poor teacher, but a Bad Teacher.  You know, one without ethics or compassion.  One who makes her own ego and needs central to the teaching relationship.  It turns out I had some past life stuff in there from times when I took advantage of students and was not worthy of their devotion.  So, I had some pretty strong resistance to having “students” in this lifetime. 

I’m pleased to say that with energy healing and just getting in there and doing it, I feel much calmer about that issue now.  Now, I’m working on just getting all the instructions clear in my head . . . 

Anyway, it’s been another leg of the wonderful journey.  Some unexpected stuff, some joys, some challenges, some karma, some clarity.  Mmmmm  . . .   really good stuff.

Hey, go out and try some yoga soon — it’s pretty magical in its own earthy, physical way.  Oh, and definitely meditate.  Connect with the body and the mind — and the heart and soul.  Blessings today!  -Laura