Hi, friends!

Between an intensive yoga training weekend (which was in equal parts exhilerating and energetically overwhelming) and working through my latest layer of personal growth / healing work, I’m feeling in a pea soup of un-clarity / dis-clarity / anti-clarity . . . whatever . . . you get the picture.

So, I’m groping right now toward clarity.

Not that I’m alone.  Oh, I know the angels and ascended masters are right there walking every step with me, but at this stage of the journey it’s about me figuring out what’s up and what I need.  They’re there, ready to assist, but they say that I need to discover the secrets myself (and, really, that’s pretty much my style anyway). 

Urggghhhh, friends.  It’s not easy.  It’s not.  I’m making progress.  Oh, yes.  I’m making progress.  I’m making one sloppy, but productive step at a time.  I’m sloshing through.  This leg of the journey is messy.  It’s taking me down a pretty dark alley right now.

But, without meditation and energy work it would be so much worse!  I’d probably be sick right now.  I’d probably have a fever, a sore throat.  I might even be vomiting.  So, although this leg of the journey is intense, using the tools I have makes it much less so.  That’s what I mean that energy healing is changing my life.  It’s making it richer, more meaningful and more comfortable without draining it of any of its spice and adventure.  I’m just getting farther faster.  And, that’s a good thing.  I like that.

But, friends, it requires courage!  Lots of courage.  And, I had to overcome some very rigid and tough resistance.  I did not want to encounter some of these inner demons.  I had done a very good job of sealing them up in a nice little locked container for nearly 20 years.  I didn’t really want to see them get out.  I did a good job — you should have seen the state-of-the-art lock system I put in place on that box — it took some effort even getting the locks to open.  But, the angels helped with that and stood right by me as I opened the lid and looked inside.


It was a couple of tough days, but they’re almost all cleaned up now.  And, although it *was* intense at the moment, looking at those ugly things, that moment passed much faster with the help of the angels and Yuen than without them.  I’m grateful for their presense. 

I’m grateful for what I learned from the demons.  I gained more compassion and let go of some judgments — for myself and for others.  That’s worthwhile.

It’s scary sometimes to feel so much.  It’s overwhelming.  But, it’s so rewarding too.

I would not change a thing.  (would I?)