Hi, beloveds of heaven!  So, today I’m working on a personal little test (or whatever it might be called).  I’m putting my energy healing training, yoga breathing training, ACIM forgiveness training, seeing-everyone-as-a-child-of-God ATP® training into action.  It’s not easy, friends.

It’s one thing to read the books and go to the workshops — and practice in supportive, loving environments.  It’s another to be out there in the world working these techniques with people who don’t know anything about it, don’t want to know and don’t care one fig about the whole deal.  That’s where the rubber hits the road.  And, that’s where I’m standing right now.  Not so fun.

I’m overcoming the urge to hold resentment and grudges, to retaliate and look for revenge.  To do some energetic damage. 

I’m walking that fine line between holding a firm and healthy boundary for myself and lashing out at another.  It’s a tightrope walk and I’m trying to hold the balance.

This is what I mean when I really “get” how tough the walk is.  I really get it. 

I’ll walk with you in those tough times when you want to fall out of peace and neutrality — within yourself and within relationships with others.  I’ll call your angels to hold your hand and show you the wisdom and love that is truly at the core of you and the other.  I’ll call in clarity for you and surround your heart with love and Truth.

And, I’ll do that for myself right now . . . 

Love of the highest, dear ones!