From Goddesses and Angels by Doreen Virtue:

Kali (pronounced CAHL-ee)

The often-misunderstood, powerful Hindu goddess of endings and beginnings, Kali ushers in life and escorts away death as the goddess of cycles and renewals.  Kali is one of the more powerful goddesses, and she has a forceful way of ensuring that her goals are met.  This forcefulness frightens some people, particularly those who don’t want to face endings as a natural cycle of life or those who are intimidated by powerful women.  Many stories discuss Kali’s ability to protect through destruction, but she’s loving and fair even when we don’t understand the mysteries of beginnings and endings.  Call upon Kali when you have an urgent need for powerful help; however, don’t tell her how to effect your desired outcome.  Just ask for her help, and then get out of her way while she goes to work on your behalf with Divine power and wisdom.