Hi, friends.  You’ve heard this from me before.  It’s all just layers.  It’s all just path. 

There are times when we just have to hack away at it.  Hack.  Hack.  Hack. 

Just keep going.  It may seem endless at times, this clearing, healing, forgiving, learning.  But we just keep going.

All roads lead to the same place.  Some of us will make a lot of progress in this lifetime, others will make less.  But eventually, we all end up in the same place.  I’ve chosen this time around to work really hard to clear karma, to get myself worked out and that’s what I’m doing.  Sometimes I wish I’d have chosen an easier path because this one’s tough at times.  But, it’s my chosen path and I’m walking it.

I’ve been focusing on clearing anger and rage lately and oh, my; there’s a lot of stuff coming up.  It’s so good to clear stuff out.  It’s like moving furniture or kitchen appliances around — there’s some icky gunk under them and sometimes it takes a few passes with a clean cloth, but eventually it gets clean.

Here’s to cleaning up the layers!

Blessings on your clearing work.  If you’re looking for help — I’d be happy to.  Yuen energy healing is powerful and fast — and it reaching into the corners you can’t easily see.