I’d like to see Christians stop judging and criticizing others.  I’d like to see them open their hearts and minds and to act from an attitude of grace, humility, love and forgiveness.  I’d like to see them be more gracious and generous.  I’d like them to see that there are many roads that all lead to the same place. 

But, then again, I’d like to see everyone act that way. 

I’d like to see my fellow Christians use their faith traditions gently and stop banging people over the heads with them.  I’d like to see them use the tenets of their faith to clean up their own lives first before they begin to point out flaws in others’ lives.  I’d like them to live by the Golden Rule.

I’d like my fellow Christians to be so filled with joy, peace and love that that is all they shine out to other people.  I’d like them to live what they say they believe. 

I commit to doing these things myself — to the best of my ability.  I ask the angels and ascended masters to show me that way — and I give myself up to that journey everyday.