Sometimes you have to resist the urge to do what your friends are doing to find your own way.

Sometimes that’s easy and it makes perfect sense.  Sometimes it’s tough and requires a firm focus on your own inner guidance and the courage to say no.  It’s especially tough when you’re facing someone who is a vibrational match for you.  It’s easy when you’re out of alignment with someone vibrationally — that’s a very clear feeling that you need to do your own thing.  But, when you’re in vibrational alignment with someone and yet feel you need to break away and do your own thing . . . there can be a rub.

However . . . when you make that move toward following your inner guidance (and you won’t always know the whys in every moment — which makes it one step tougher to follow the guidance), you really do end up in the very place you want to be.  Now, sometimes you end up arriving there a little confused.  Sometimes a little shaken.  But, when you find your steady feet again you will begin to see your surroundings clearly and you’ll *know* you’ve arrived in the very place you’ve envisioned for yourself.

Why does it need to take that step of courage and separation?  Well, there are a coule of thoughts on that.  One stemming from the Anthroposophical perspective of the Hero’s Journey.  We are our own hero.  We are the main character in our own fairy tale.  We must overcome the challenges and tests.  We must show persistance and courage to win the prize.  We must step fearlessly into the unknown.  It’s part of our human journey, this dangerous, wild adventure of life.

Another way to see it is energetically — we need to get neutral to ourselves, other people, situations, triggers.  To break away from others is a way to become energetically separate from them and move toward our own neutrality.  It’s a way that the inner begins to match the outer — or the outer begins to match the inner.

I’ve been finding consistently that you *must* show courage.  You must act fearlessly.  You must step forward.  And when you do, it’s like in the Harrison Ford Indiana Jones movie where he has to take a step off the cliff onto the invisible pathway.  When you step, the path appears.  But you have to step first . . .  [ooh, that’s so tough!]

And while you’re preparing to step . . . breathe.  Find that place of inner certainty through your breath and let the certainty and courage ride in and out of the tide of your own miraculous breath.