For those of us who are coming from the Christian tradition, today is Palm Sunday, moving into Holy Week.  It’s a powerful time.  It’s an opportunity to go really deep into contemplation and meditation.  It’s a time where it’s beneficial to travel inward with the anticipation of moving outward again.

A couple of years ago my Anthroposophy teacher was lecturing on Easter and she passed along this lovely imagery.  She said that both Christmas and Easter have gift givers.  Santa Claus (along with St. Nicholas, Father Christmas and others) leave their gifts in a very easy-to-find place, very often in shoes/socks/stockings (clothing that we wear on our feet — literally items that clothe our steps into the world) that we leave out for them.

The Easter Bunny, on the other hand, hides the gifts.  You’ve got to search for them.  Traditionally, you’ve got to get down on your hands and knees, peering under shrubs and grass (maybe getting your hands a little dirty) to find your gifts.  You’ve got to work a little to receive your gift.

So, in this time of dawning birth, rebirth, reawakening and expanding light and warmth, I wish for you a very fun game of search.  What gifts lie in wait for you?  What treasures are coming to you as you take a bit of action to find them?

Ooh!  What fun!  Blessings on your search!