Hi, friends! 

As you know, I’m now a yoga teacher as well as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Yuen Method energy healer, so I’ve been subbing some yoga classes lately and hope to have a class of my own soon.

My last class centered on being mindful.  Mindful breathing.  Mindful moving.  Mindful thinking.  Mindful eating.  Mindful speaking.  Mindful action.

Yoga’s a great training ground for mindfulness because your focus is singular — what is going on with my body as I hold this pose.  If it’s balance, you focus on balance.  If it’s strength, you focus on strength.  If it’s stretch, you focus on stretch.  It’s all about being in the present moment, with yourself and your breath, moving with attention and care.

And, then we take it off the mat.  We begin to live mindfully.  We take care in what we say and do.  We take care with our thoughts because we understand that our thoughts create action in our lives.  We take care in how we treat ourselves, other people, other living creatures and the earth as a whole. 

We begin to see how the pieces form the whole and how the whole is expressed in the pieces.

Be mindful of yourself in the moment.  Each moment.  As you begin to see the enormity and blessing in that, you become the blessing in motion, touching others as you step through life.