I’ve been having the most extraordinary and unexpected experiences with people from my children’s new school.  I’m finding that people begin to tell me their life stories (not so surprising — that’s been happening to me for years, and I’m always delighted and humbled by people’s trust and openness toward me).  And, I’ve been finding people coming out of the blue to tell me about their mystical experiences, using words like “angels” and “energy”.  I’m not so surprised that I’d be a recipient of their stories, or that they could feel with me a kindred spirit. 

I’m just so surprised to be surrounded by so many people who are finding themselves opening up to their own intuitive abilities and their own connection with the divine, separate from conventional religious methods. 

It’s so *cool*!  It’s so wonderful!  I’m delighted!

And, I feel deeply that I’m exactly where I need to be.  For myself.  For my children.  For the people who share this strip of path with me.

Divine timing is always perfect, so I ask no questions.  I regret nothing.  I yearn for nothing.

This is perfection and I am delighted and honored to stand exactly where I am.

Blessings surround you today.  Do you notice them?