Hey, friends, it’s always something.  It’s not like I think it’s never something . . . it *is* always something.

But, sometimes it sneaks up on you.  You’re feeling in the groove . . . in the vortex, as my LOA friends like to say . . . and then all of a sudden something smacks you in the face.  You just didn’t see it coming.  Even though in hind-sight you should have.  Hehehe.  You gotta find the humor in that.

So, anyway . . . I’m finding myself around someone who lets fear dictate his decisions.  And, to make matters more sticky, he thinks his fear isn’t fear, but rather common sense and tradition.  So, he’s proud of his fear.  Embraces it (well, grasps hold of it for dear life, more like).

What do I do?

I work on it energetically.  I look to see what is going on within me that is drawing this experience to me.  Yes, I really do that — I’m not a victim in this.  I have a hand in it, so I’m going to find out why it’s happening.

Then, I heal it energetically and I forgive it.  I see how I am like him — or was, in this lifetime or another — I find compassion and understanding for him.  And, I forgive it.  I let it go.

If I don’t fight it.  If I don’t push back on it, it truly will clear and move on.  And, I’ll be free of it and he’ll be free of it.

I hold nothing.  No grievance.  No battle.  No karma.  It will be done permanently.  We will not meet again about this.  It will be finished.

Again, it’s not always fun.  It’s not always easy.  But, if you’re willing to do it, the clearing and healing process is profound and complete.  And you feel *so good* after!

Forgive others for yourself.  Not for them!  It may sound selfish, but really it’s just most direct.  Forgive and heal.

And above all else, love.