Hi, friends!  Blessings of light in this season!  Whatever you way you welcome light into your hearts this season, I hope you found deep meaning and peace in your method and traditions.

I’ve had a number of things on my mind lately and will be posting a new year’s message for 2011 very soon, but today I want to share what’s on my heart and what’s up for my personal work today.

Drama.  Other people’s drama that feels like mine.  But, it’s not.  It’s someone else’s.  And, it’s someone I love and respect and therefore quite willingly pick up their stuff, including their desire for drama. 

Not that I haven’t attracted drama to myself in the past (and maybe still do in the present sometimes, though much, much less than in the past).  I used to find myself in dramatic situations quite often in the past.  But, it doesn’t suit me anymore.  It’s exhausting and confusing and upsetting.

I prefer peace and happiness now. 

But, I’m sensitive and have a natural tendency toward healing, so at times my heart will connect with another’s in an attempt to help heal things and in the process I pick up their “stuff” and think it’s mine.  Now that I’ve been doing Yuen Method energy healing for several years, I have a very effective remedy for this.

But, first I have to identify that what I’m feeling isn’t actually mine.  And, that can be tough.  Sometimes it’s almost delicious to fall into a victim mode — oh, woe is me, how wrongly I’ve been treated!  How bad that other person is!  Woe is me!  There’s just nothing I can do about it — it’s all their fault!  I have done nothing wrong! 

Ahh, but I try now to find those triggers that reside within me.  I remove cords and attachments.  I cut through enmeshment.  I acknowledge past life connections and wrong-doing and karma and trauma, etc.

And, I resist the temptation to gossip!  Oh, gossip can be delicious, can’t it?  Just stirring the pot and seeing what other people might have to say . . . what bad experiences they might have that might make the whole dramatic soup that much more spicy.  That quasi-connection that gossips have together.  That very fragile connection that can be broken with a single conversation.  The complete and utter lack of trust and security in the relationship.  The constant need to monitor and double-check stuff and cover your tracks and create unholy alliances just in case . . .

Oh, gosh.  I hate that stuff!  I really hate it.

And, it can be so seductive.  So easy to fall into.

I’m trying to resist it all.  There are some unknowns that I’m left with in this scenario.  Some answers I’d love to have.  Some frustrations I’d love to vent.  Some hurts I’d like to heal — and in truth, maybe retaliate about. 

But, friends, that’s all drama.  That’s all ego.

That’s not light.   That’s not peace.  That’s not fullness and beauty.  It’s not in alignment with my truest self. 

I’m working to stay above it and to allow the uncertainty to be.  To live in that in-between state of not knowing what will happen next and not needing to control it falsly.  Instead, I can guide the direction by remaining true to myself and staying out of it. 

Yes, I’m hurt and confused.  Yes, I wonder why this person would treat me this way.  But, if I detatch from the drama of it and just allow myself to flow with it, resolution is sure to come.  And that will be even more delicious than the drama.

Blessings, friends!  Detatch from the drama you’re facing too . . . and see what ocean waves of peace find their way to you. 

In light,