I’m not a very political person anymore. 

I used to be.  In college I really enjoyed following politics and policy and engaging in spirited debates about economic issues.  It felt very brainy and cool. 

But, also divisive.

I’m just not that interested anymore in issues that create divisiveness.  I’m much more interested in issues that create empathy and understanding.

Okay, so don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the Christian Left is any better than the Christian Right at creating empathy and understanding . . . or even tolerance.  I’m not sure that they do.  I’m not sure that they don’t.  That’s not why I’m glad they’re there.

I’m glad they’re there just to offset the Christian Right.  I’m a practicing Christian (mainline United Methodist, though as you can imagine my personal studies and practices take me much broader than the UMC theology) and I hear so many devout Christian people saying things that are simply shocking.  Have they forgotten Love Thy Neighbor As Yourself?  Have they forgotten to forgive?  Have they forgotten we’re supposed to look at the log in our own eye before we criticize the speck in our neighbor’s eye?

Now, who knows . . . maybe the Christian Left has forgotten much as well . . . 

But, at least there’s a balance.  And, is this human condition of duality, we expect balance.  We operate best on this plane with duality.  So, again, I’m not so interested in politics and policy . . . but I’m glad that there’s the possibility of balance there.

And, fellow Christians:  Be nice.  Be kind.  Don’t judge.  Just love.  Just accept.  Just live your best life and don’t worry so much about what everyone else is doing unless you want to encourage, love and help.  Act from a heart full of love, not a mind full of judgement and condemnation.  Please, be kind and gentle.

Now . . . my thoughts can return to the light of Truth rather than the illusion of ego.