Hi, friends!  I hope you know how dearly you are loved.  I hope you can feel the warmth and wisdom of heaven that showers itself on you.  I hope you can set down your etheric umbrella and just let the love pour down on you.

I was just meditating on my workshop lineup for January through March and the angels told me they want to reach out to us and tell us that this year will be amazing!  There will be so much opening, so much learning, so much transformation and awareness.  It’s going to be amazing!

Please allow your heavenly guides help you.  Please don’t feel you have to do everything on your own.  Try to set down your weapons of defense and simply allow the unfolding to happen.  You don’t have to try to control everything.  Controlling is fighting, actually.  Don’t fight.  Just relax into love and allow yourself to open up to yourself.  To your Truth.  To your Fullness.  Your amazing self.

You’re beautiful! 

You’re wonderful!

You are full of light!

You are brilliant!

You are goodness!

You are gentleness!

You are grace!

I meet a lot of people these days, between neighbors, parents of my children’s friends, people at church and yoga students.  When I go around “tuning in” to the energies, I see such glorious beauty.  Everyone I see is simply stunning.  I wonder if they all realize how gorgeous they are?

And, I see that most people don’t.  I see so much insecurity.  So much rivalry.  So much fear and pain.  People have their shields up and their weapons ready.  They’re poised for battle.

I think that they’re confused when they sense that I have no desire to battle.  I offer only peace and love.

People don’t always know what to do with that.  I can see it can be confusing.  And I smile.

Other times I’m not tuning in and just sort of floating around and I notice a lot of carelessness and lack of integrity.  People really don’t know who they are and what they stand for.  They’re not clear.  They’re not grounded.  I’m not being critical;  I’m just observing.  There’s so much misunderstanding.  So many false assumptions and beliefs that play into daily interactions.

I wrote a few posts back that I was encountering another’s drama and it was affecting me.  Well, that’s much clearer now, which feels much more comfortable.

But, it’s easy for me to pick up other people’s stuff, especially when I’m open.  And, I’m naturally open almost all the time.  Plus, I do yoga almost everyday, which further opens me.  I feel so much goodness within me that I feel the whole world is good (and, truly underneath everything else . . . all that ego stuff . . . everyone truly is goodness) and I go out into the world expecting to see and feel only the goodness.  [smile]  It doesn’t always play out that way.

But, my deep awareness of people’s energies is both good and bad.  Generally I can sense the deep goodness and brilliance within everyone.  And, sometimes I trust that too much, meaning that I expect to see that truth expressed in the conscious.  Sometimes people don’t realize their goodness, or they can’t reach it or they deny it, but I can still feel it and see it.

You are so gorgeous!  You are so good!  Please believe me and *be* your gorgeousness and goodness.

And, if you’ve got a couple of layers of icky, sticky karma that’s clouding your perception of your goodness, give me a call — let’s just work on it.  We’ll clean it up this year so that you can truly shine!

You are a diamond.  You are precious.  You are a golden treasure!  Claim that aspect of yourself!  Own it this year — make this the year of the True You!

In light and love, Laura