I’m surrounded by such beauty.  My yoga students are gorgeous!  My colleagues are stunning!  My friends are amazing!

I just saw some photos of a dear friend of mine with her new baby and, oh, if that doesn’t open your heart to the beauty of heaven and spirit that resides within each person, what could?

Today at the yoga and meditation class that I led (which was filled with gorgeous students — did I mention that already?  Their energy is so lovely . . .) we brought our attention to the brilliant, precious gem that lies within each of us.  We meditated on that place of beauty and watched it grow and glow brightly.

I was guided by my angels (and, actually, by my students’ angels) last night (in the middle of the night as I meditated and didn’t sleep) to bring forward the fairy tale of the princess with the golden ball and the frog prince.  As I guided the group and told the story, I reminded us that everything in the story is within us.  We are the princess, we are the ball, we are the frog and we are the prince.

We have this valuable golden sphere within us, given to us by our loving father, the king.  And, we love it, we play with it; it is our most sacred possession.  Then, over time, because of carelessness or forgetting what’s what, we seem to lose it to the depths of a murky pool (that’s our ego . . . fear, anger, guilt, grief . . .).  We worry and grieve — how can we ever get it back?

At last a frog steps forward — that part of ourself which knows the dark . . . understands the murkiness — and offers to go down and in for the missing golden ball.  That inner, dark place . . . not so beautiful.  Not stuff we’re proud of or happy to see again . . .  But, we go anyway. 

We emerge from the dark place with the golden ball!  We found it!  We carry it back to the light and to the fresh air!  We hand it back to the beautiful princess who is so thankful that she’s willing to pay the price of kissing the frog.  Embracing the warts and all.  Embracing the dark and unseen.

And, when the princess embraces the frog, he is transformed into a handsome prince.  Full of courage and nobility.  The perfect partner in every way to the princess.  The masculine and feminine are united.  The inner and outer are brought together.  Darkness and light.  Right and left.  Spiritual and physical.  All brought into perfect balance and partnership.

Friends, you’re amazing!  You’re the princess — beautiful and pure, beloved by your father.  You are the golden ball — center of truth, wisdom and brilliance.  You are the pool — deep and murky in places.  You are the frog — able to see through the darkness and able to retrieve what seems to be missing.  And, you are the prince — the noble and courageous defender.

And, my friends . . . you live happily ever after . . .

In light, Laura