This week I had to say goodbye to a dear friend and teacher, Marilyn Rea.  If you read my page “How did I get into this type of work?”, the Waldorf kindergarten teacher who encouraged me to meditate with my daughter’s angel was Marilyn.

I hold deep, deep appreciation for Marilyn.  If she hadn’t asked me to meditate with angels in such a straightforward, matter-of-fact-sort of way, I wonder if I ever would have . . .  And, the next day when I came back to tell her about it, she never doubted me for a second, even though she herself had never had that experience.

What a gift she gave to me!  I’m so humbled by the whole thing . . .

And, what a gift she gave countless children and families through her work as a Waldorf kindergarten teacher.  For those of you who know about Waldorf kindergartens, you know what sort of artist and soul communicator Marilyn was.  For those of you who don’t, just let me tell you that Marilyn had a magic wand of beauty, song and softness.  There’s nothing more I can say — you have to see it and feel it for yourself.  Waldorf kindergartens are pretty much heaven on earth . . .

Marilyn passed away a few days ago.  I miss her physical body.  I miss Boulder. 

But, I also know Truth and I’m exactly where I need to be.  I can talk to Marilyn whenever I want to — she’s so free and happy and her eyes are full of the same sort of wonder she brought forward in her little students.  She really did maintain a sense of wonder about the world, but now she’s surrounded by an amplification of beauty that is breathtaking.  (I’m kind of jealous — when will I get to go?)

Anyway, I’m here and I work to stand in beauty and truth just like she did.

Bye, Marilyn.  Until we meet again.  MWAH!

In light, Laura