Hi, friends.

You know that I teach a yoga and meditation class each week.  Although the students don’t know it, I receive guidance from their angels the night before (the angels know who’s coming to my class the next day, even if I don’t) about what to present in class.

This week it was the story of Sleeping Beauty (not the Disney version — we worked with depth, not drama).  Again, each character in the story being ourselves.

So . . . once upon a time there was born a beautiful baby princess who was dearly beloved by her parents.  In honor of her birth they threw a grand feast and invited dignitaries from kingdoms far and wide.  They also invited the fairy folk to offer their blessings on the child.  However, the king and queen only had ten golden plates on which the fairies could dine.  So, they could not invite the eleventh fairy (who was testy and tempermental).

On the day of the feast, each of the fairies gave her blessing to the child:  virtues of all sorts.  Beauty, song, compassion, wisdom . . .  Just before the tenth fairy was to bestow her blessing, in stormed the eleventh.  Angry that she was denied a place of honor, she cursed the baby saying, “On her sixteenth birthday the child with prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die!”  She stormed away.

The tenth good fairy countered, “Although I cannot reverse the evil spell, I can soften it.  She will not die when she’s 16.  She will fall into a deep sleep lasting 100 years.”

Being good parents, the king and queen burned all the spinning wheels in the kingdom and the child grew to be all of the things the fairies intended.  Good, beautiful, fair and kind.

On her sixteenth birthday, the princess was exploring the castle all by herself (this is a personal journey we take — remember, you are the princess . . . and you are the castle).  She found a tower she had never seen before and began to climb up and up (this is representing the mind — our head.  We climb into our heads.).  When she reached the top she found a tiny room and in it an old woman sitting at a spinning wheel (our spinning thoughts — our busy mind). 

“Old mother, what is it that you’re doing?  May I try?” 

The princess sat down and began to spin and at once dropped to floor in sleep as deep as death.  We lose ourselves when we fall into the busy cycling of the mind.  We become dead to the inner life we have.  The whole castle fell into an enchanted sleep.  Over time great thorn bushes grew up around the castle, completely obscuring it from sight.  The thorn bushes are ego . . . fears, guilt, anger, bitterness, grudges, pain.  Things that keep us bound to our deep sleep, depriving us from the freedom of our soul.

When the 100 years were just about over, a prince with courage in his heart, heard the legend of the sleeping princess and set out to find her and free her.  A old man directed him (you are the old man — this is your “old” thinking).

“Yes, there is a castle over this mountain and indeed there is a beautiful princess asleep there.  But, the journey is hard, the path is hard to see.  If you find the castle (and I doubt you will), you will have to cut through thick, thorny vines.  The thorns will cut you.  I advise you don’t even try.”

But, the prince continued on (remember, you’re the prince too!), holding onto his shiny sword.  When he reached the castle, he indeed found it covered in big, thorny vines.  He took out his sword, set his heart and mind on completing his talk and raised his sword above his head.

At that very moment, the 100 years was up and just as a warm spring breeze blows through, each of the vines began to transform themselves into roses!  Such beauty!  Such fragrance!  The vines began to open of their own accord and at last the prince could pass through untouched. 

The transformation of thorns into roses is the healing work we set out to do.  We overcome the ego!  We find awareness, we forgive, we love and we heal.  And, our thorns become roses!  And our hearts open and the prince can find his way in.

The prince found the princess (the courage and action finds the beauty and receptivity), gave her a kiss (embracing the opposites — like night uniting with day).  She woke up and recognized him (our hearts return to the rightful place of joy and peace — the way we were created to be!).  They were married (equal partners — goodness and courage).

And, my friends . . . they lived happily ever after.

Turn a couple of your thorns into roses today!  Love yourself and heal what you feel.

In light, Laura