That’s what I’m all about.  Clearing my karma and releasing the ego.  I’m working to love and to forgive everything.

And, oh my goodness, it’s a lot of work sometimes.  I’m in a space right now where there is karma showing up several times a day, blindsiding me at every turn, it seems.  It’s humbling.  Just when I think I’m getting the hang of something, going with the flow of life, loving myself and everyone else, I smack right into a brick wall of karma.

It leaves me dazed.  I look up and can’t get over it.  I look down and can’t get under it.  I look side to side and can’t get around it.  And, there’s no way I’m turning around to go back — the only way is to move forward.  So, it would seem that I’m stuck.

Ah, but not at all.  I start to dissolve away that brick wall of karma, ego, past life ick, whatever using meditation and the Yuen Method . . . and Ho’oponopono.  In time, that wall dissolves itself and I can step forward and keep moving.

Please understand, though, this work, although pretty simple and straightforward (we’re talking about forgiveness and a willingness to see things clearly — through the eyes of spirit and not ego), it’s not easy.  It requires a humility and courage.

Really, it’s like being Percy Jackson (minus the smart*ss humor).  We encounter each Greek monster . . . one at a time.  But, we have our sword and our companions.  We step boldly forward and we keep stepping.

Friends, I wish you courage and clear-seeing.  I wish you peace and love and a sense that all is well, no matter what.

And, if I can help you clear your karma, I’d be honored to do it.  Let me be your companion — we’ll conquer whatever monster you’re facing.

Blessings of the angels and ascended masters!