Just sayin’ . . .

Ego is so strong and so tricky that it can transform your perception so that you think you see one thing, but it’s actually something else.

It happens all the time.  It used to bother me so much.  Some people lie — they just do.  Now, I try to have compassion about it.  I try to see things from their perspective — they’re scared, usually, and they use lies as a defense for themselves.  It’s understandable, but ugly.  Pure ugly.

And, sometimes their lies are so convincing that everyone believes them . . . only I’m pretty good at telling when people are lying.  Then, sometimes, the liars can tell I know they’re lying and they don’t want to be revealed, so they’ll lie about me.  Now, their lies are really crafty and sound really convincing so people I care about believe them and start to doubt me.

That hurts.

I’ve learned, though, that instead of fighting the lies and the liars, I have patience with the whole thing.  I let the whole thing unravel.  The truth is always revealed.

Now, I hate to see anyone get hurt — even liars getting hurt by their own lies — but I’ve learned that I’ve got my karma to clear and they have theirs.  I hold nothing with them — I release them.

They will have to figure out what they’re going to do with their karma.

Underneath all the lies, and the fear, and the guilt and the other layers of ego is Truth.  Spirit.  Goodness.  Purity.  Love.  Forgiveness.

That’s where we’re headed when we give up the fight and forgive and heal.  It’s good stuff!