Hi.  Just to follow up on these “underneath” layers.

We’ve lived in Memphis for three years and before that we were just outside of Boulder, Colorado and no place on earth had felt so much like my heart’s and soul’s home than Boulder.  When we had to move from there, I felt like I was leaving behind an arm or something.  It was really painful to go.

There was a time when it was unclear where we would move — would it be Memphis, Minneapolis or Milwaukee?  At the time I wasn’t ready to move home — too much baggage and too many fears about confronting layers of karma and ego.  I was just a sapling, not able to withstand big storms or deep freezes yet — I needed a couple more years of growth first.

Back in Boulder I had a couple of readings done to help sort through where to move.  One reader said that no matter where I moved, the move would be about clearing karma.  Another reader said that all three cities started with an M and essentially it would all be the same experience, regardless of where exactly I ended up.

Well, in the end, the readers were right.  I’ve been clearing karma constantly since being here in the south.  Some cultural stuff.  Some issues of priorities and rivalry.  Some issues of past life pain and suffering, trauma and memories.  Lately, some issues around setting down my etheric weaponry and dealing with an onslaught of etheric attacks, learning to create boundaries and shields and to gain personal power separate from gun-powder power.  Seeing other people’s dramas more clearly and stepping away from playing them out for them.  Naming the Rumplestiltskins so that they self-implode and go away.

It’s strange.  Ever since learning that I’d be leaving Memphis soon, the karma opportunities have been showing up nearly daily.  It’s been a little like being in a video game, zapping ego and karma left and right.  I might have missed an opportunity or two, by hiding or dishing it off, but mostly, I’ve cleared it.

It’s been tiring and sometimes flat-out icky.  There have been many times when I could have said I was a victim of the whole thing.  I’ve had people treat me unkindly, lie to me and about me, overstep their boundaries, manipulate energy . . . and that stuff stinks.  I could have felt sorry for myself and gossiped and complained (well, I confess I did complain sometimes . . .).  Instead, though, I really tried to just confront the layers of karma and past life, see it for what it was and heal it using Yuen and Ho’oponopono or meditation.

It works.

It’s not easy.  And, it’s not always fun.  Sometimes it’s a little like grappling around in a dark cave without a flashlight or lantern to light the path.  Sometimes it’s positively chaotic and confusing.  But, it’s so healthy and worthwhile to clear the karma and set it all free.

So, two things.  One, if you’ve got some karma with me . . . bring it on!  Let’s clear it up so we can both go our separate ways with peace and clarity.  Two, I encourage you to work your side of stuff.  If people are coming into your life and it’s not feeling good, work on it.  Use your method and process. 

If you don’t have a process or method, let me help you!  Don’t suffer — don’t be a victim.  Take control of the situation and quietly clean it up.  It’s heroic!  You’ll feel amazing!

Love of the highest to you, Laura