It’s one of those funny spiritual contrasts . . . sometimes you need to release your grasp on the things you want so that they can come to you.

And, sometimes you have to completely let go of something you want because it’s not good for your growth.

Oh my gosh, that’s hard.  It’s hard to discern and it’s hard to do.

It’s so tempting to hold on . . . because it feels so good.  It’s hard to understand that by letting go, you’ll receive something so much greater.  We can’t see what we can’t see.  It’s blind faith sometimes and it’s hard.  I know.  I understand.

Do you have something to let go of?  Someone?  A habit?  A belief?  A pattern? 

If it’s time to let it go, let me encourage you to be strong and to have faith — allow your angels to help you and comfort you.  It’s hard to let go of the old . . . but you can’t fill your hands and heart with the new if they’re filled with the old.

Everthing under heaven is cyclical.  Release and receive.

Blessings on the path.  The light of heaven surrounds you and fills you.  -Laura