The fear of fear can be worse than the fear of whatever scares us in the first place.

Sometimes we’re afraid of looking weak and vulnerable if we admit our fear.  But, you know it’s not really strength if you’re just pretending to be strong.  That’s just an illusion.

Real strength and courage come from acknowledging our weaknesses and fears and overcoming them.  But, first friends you have to acknowledge them — you need to see them and be aware of them.

Oooh, scary!  I know!

But, it’s okay — it’s not like you’re unique in your fears and weaknesses.  If you think you’re surrounded by a bunch of tough strong people, you’re probably just looking at an illusion.  Most people live their entire human existance from a perspective of fear.  Oh, yes, I’m right about that . . . it’s just plain truth.

The strongest and bravest people I know are the gentlest, humblest people I know.  And, they’re not scary.  They’re amazing!  They’re inspiring!  And, they’ve overcome their fears and weaknesses by being with them and overcoming them.

You can do it too.  Yes, it requires courage.  But, you can do it!

Don’t be afraid to be afraid.  And, then leap-frog over your fears to your ultimate truth and brilliance!

Blessings of magnificence to you!