A chapter from The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Usually I’m pretty good at this lately — I just don’t worry much about what people think of me or say to me.  It’s more their stuff than mine (unless I get triggered and then I work the energy of it within myself, but I still don’t take it personally, I just heal it and move on).

But the other day I got overwhelmed by other people’s words and opinions.  I was feeling insecure and vulnerable and I let myself be shaken by some stupid, meaningless, thoughtless comments.  I felt terrible!  Horrible!  I was p*ssed off!  Really triggered!

All that angst and suffering . . .

All because I forgot to not take it personally (that and there was a place within me that believed what I heard).

Don’t take it personally.  Figure out what’s yours and what’s not and stop suffering.

Let me help if you’re confused — we’ll figure it out together and it’ll be good.  Blessings!  -Laura