I am deeply touched by this video — I adore these men.  And, I adore the thousands, hundreds of thousands? of others just like them. 

As I watched this video for the first time, I sat there agape.  It is eloquent and gorgeous.  I could feel past life healing happening and within me a unifying of my own male and female energies.

I bow in respect and gratitude to these beautiful men.  And, I encourage women to live up to these men’s gracious words.

I encourage us all to heal the wounds of the past — wounds that we have felt and wounds that we have inflicted.  And, we have all done both.  We need to forgive ourselves and each other.  We need to allow our hearts to open with love for each other . . . and for ourselves.

We need to embrace the opposite within us.  If you’re a man, embrace your feminine truth.  If you’re a woman, embrace your masculine truth.  We are both.  Let’s love deeply and purely.

Let’s heal ourselves and each other and the world.  But, we need to start with ourselves. 

Blessings, Laura