One of my new favorite songs.  I love Wade Imre Morissette — I’m inspired by him all the time.  This song, “Wicked” inspired me the other day when I was mad at someone I love.  Sometimes it’s easier to excuse and forgive a random “wicked” person who lives across the globe, than it is to see the best in someone you’re related to.

The wicked are intrinsically good. 

And you are too.  You are goodness.

wicked are good
(© 2006 w.morissette)

Durjanah sajjano bhuyat sajjanah
shantim apnuyat
Shanto mucyeta bandhebhyo
Muktash-canyan vimocayet

Life is yours for the taking
Life is mine for the making
The Wicked are intrinsically good

Sanskrit translation and lyrics
May the wicked become good
May the good obtain peace
May the peaceful be freed from all bonds
May the freed set others free

“All human beings are good. Some have forgotten more than others. We do our part
to awaken ourselves and allow this energy
to shift consciousness.”