I am working on second and third chakra themes right now.  I honor the beautiful divine masculine and the beautiful divine feminine.  I honor personal power and strength.
I honor it in you and I honor it in me.
I honor the seen and the unseen within myself and within you.
I love this song by Wade Imre Morissette.
Blessings of the complete divine to you today, Laura
 jaya sita rama
(©)Jaya Sita Rama
Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Sita Ram Sita Ram Jai Jai
Sita Ram  Sita Ramjai jai Sita ram  Sita ram Jai Jai
O Sita Rama O Sita Rama

We commit ourselves
We overcome obstacles
We gather together
Forever and now

We embrace the light and the dark
We let go of the trying
We forgive us for the lying
Forever and now

You are so capable
You are so beautiful
You are the jewel inside the man
We are woman and man

You are shining now
You are extraordinary
You are so brilliant
Forever and now

I am everlasting
I am freedom fighter
I am here right now
Forever and here right now

I am a magician
I am an alchemist
I am a transcender
Forever and now

I am so thankful
I am so thankful
I am so thankful
For this moment right now