Bring it on, folks.  I’m ready!

Got some complaint about me that I can clear up?  Got some weird vibes with me?  Got some rivalry or jealousy?

Bring it to me — let’s clear it up.  I don’t want it and you don’t want it.  Let’s just get it out in the open and I’ll clear it up with Yuen and we can just go our separate ways free from each other.

I was told my time in Memphis was going to be about clearing karma and I have been!  And, I can tell I’m almost done because my energy is getting sparkly-clear.  I’m feeling neutral and ready for a change.

And, today I just bought a bracelet that says “karma” on it.  I’m ready to see the other side of karma now.  Instead of releasing “bad” karma from my energy, I’m getting ready to accept that I can attract positive karma to me.  That sounds so good!  I like that!

So, if you’ve got some dense karma with me — please, bring it to me now!  I’m ready — I promise.  I’ll do my best to see it for what it is, which is probably a past lifetime when I hurt you (sorry!), or a past lifetime where you hurt me (I forgive you!).  Who cares . . . it’s just energy.  Let’s just work it out so we can move toward peace.

The peace of what’s to come is so much better than anything else we can imagine.  Let’s move in that direction together.  I’m happy to help you.  As I help you, I help myself.  As I help myself, I help you.

Isn’t that cool?  That’s positive karma!