It’s tempting to think that you can gain power through anger and cynicism.  I understand, and have experienced, a feeling of power when I express anger or start on a cynical rant.  I get that.  You feel in control and powerful — big and mighty.  Like no one could hurt you.

But that’s an illusion and a misbelief.

Feelings of anger, fear, regret, bitterness… you know, icky stuff like that… are really dense and they’ll keep you very stuck.

I’ve been around someone lately who is operating from that place and it’s so dense to be around that I get dizzy from it.  And, if I’m not careful I fall into that space myself.  At times when I’m around energy like that I can literally feel myself swirling into that downward-moving vortex and I feel helpless, like there’s just nothing I can do.  I feel heavy and depressed.

I realize that if I can lift myself out of that place I can begin to make miracles happen — I can shed light and blessings on the situation.  I can draw the angels in close and receive their guidance and encouragement.  I’d feel full of clarity and optimism.  I’d feel the warm sun on my face instead of the cold, icy rain.

But getting out of the funk is tough.  How do you do it?

There are many ways, of course, but the way I’ve been working it lately has been good for me.  The wonky energy was pretty dense and it affected my clarity and ability to work the Yuen Method (of course, I could have worked on my feelings about that layer by layer and gotten somewhere, but I found a faster route this time).

I tuned into the reality that everyone is a spirit — everyone is pure beauty and goodness, no matter what the outward appearances are.  I just needed to catch a glimpse of that beauty.  So, I started looking at beautiful things around me — the shape and texture of the tree tops (that works really well for me), the shape and texture of the clouds, a blade of grass or a flower petal.  I took in the glorious and easy beauty of the natural work and let it soak into me.  I could feel myself lifting out of the funk.  I could begin to see beauty again in this person.  I could hold a space of light around the situation and allow for the angels and the miracles to return.

And, they did.  At this point (after doing this kind of work for nearly five years), it really shouldn’t be such an amazing experience to see the power of light and love in action, but it still is.  I can see tangible changes happen — issues ease, moods lift, solutions arrive — when I hold the space of light and perspective.  It’s truly miraculous!

I’m getting better at holding my own space no matter how negative other people can be.  Sometimes it’s not fun to be around negative people, but I’m getting better at giving them space to believe and experience life however they want to.  It’s their choice, not mine.  But, if I’m nearby I’ll hold a space of light with the intention that they can feel it and begin to see that another way is possible.

To keep my own energy field clear and sparkly, I also do yoga regularly.  It works.  It’s an ancient practice that weaves together the mind, body and spirit in a way that supports clarity and well-being.  And, it works for me.  It clears my mindspace and brings me back to my heartspace, where compassion and love is very easy to access.  Not every yoga practice for me is a kick-butt, doing-every-posture-to-its-fullest-expression practice.  Sometimes that’s just not possible — sometimes it’s just maintenance yoga:  getting to the mat and bringing my mind/body/spirit triad back into balance.  Mmmmm… that feels so good.

It’s extra tricky when someone in your life wants to gain more energy and power by dragging you into their negative field.  In that case, you’ve got some manipulative energy to deal with, as well as the expectation of the other.  Sometimes the person in my life will actually get mad at me if I don’t act negatively — my positive outlook actually causes irritation.  At those times, I walk away (or ideally, take a yoga class) so that I can work from a distance.  When I come back, after maintaining my positive energy space, I see that the situation has shifted — there’s much less negativity around. 

(This all gained through a lot of trial and error, my friends… believe me, walking away might cause a little upset at the time, but the overall effect is a net gain.)

Disclosure:  I’m not perfect at this — I’m still learning and doing my best to be a healing presence in the world.  I don’t always get it right, but I *am* open to the guidance of divine wisdom and things are steadily getting better and easier in my life.

Light is stronger than dark *every time*.  Love and forgiveness are the most powerful forces in the universe.  And, they can be the hardest to do.  It’s easier to be angry than loving.  It’s easier to judge than to forgive.

But the light from a single candle can illuminate an entire room.  That’s simply True.