From “The Way is Within” by Ron Rathbun

“The beauty of the outside world has much to share with us, let its subtleness seep into you.

Each day our minds take in and process many thoughts and ideas, but after an experience has entered our mind, what ends up flowing out?

How frequently does the expression of love flow out of you?

We have all had feelings of love that are very hard to explain or put into words.  These feelings can lift your spirits and help brighten your day.  You may notice these feelings at any time — when sharing with a friend, while listening to a song, admiring a beautiful landscape or simply while daydreaming.  Fill your mind with as many beautiful and loving thoughts as you can.

There are many ways to experience love, but if your life is like a rushing river, it will be clouded with too much movement.  Slow the rier of life to a gentle brook.

Love is a universal language beyond words, an experience complete unto itself.  Allow the experience of love into your life and the same will flow out.”

[sigh]  Isn’t that nice?  -Laura