I feel like I made a little mistake in interacting with someone lately, but the angels assure me that I didn’t.

I can feel doubt and worry coming up, but they tell me it’s all okay.

It’s funny because in the moment of the interaction I was totally fine, completely neutral.  But then later when I reflected on it, I began to worry that I did something “wrong”. 

My mind and my ego are playing tricks on me . . . I wonder why.  I’ll need to look into the energy behind this and heal it so that I can be comfortable with the memory of the interaction.

These things happen and we keep clearing the stuff that clouds our judgment and creates static in our field.

Now, that said,  there’s another interaction that I’m certain I made a mistake in.  I ended up sharing a confidence with someone who isn’t worthy of holding it.  This person doesn’t act with integrity, though she believes she does.  The difference with this situation is that I know I made a mistake and I accept any consequence that springs from it.  And, let me tell you, I’ll be glad to have less interaction with her in the future — it’s about boundaries (which I keep learning about) and self-control (some of mine, but mostly of hers).   [sigh]  I wonder sometimes when I’ll learn not to trust people who aren’t trustworthy . . .

It’s fine — the consequences will be mild, if any.  And, if she tells lies about me, I have to rely on my own reputation to insulate me.  My hope is that people who know me will know what I’m about.  At the least it’s a learning and forgiveness opportunity for me (never a shortage of those!).

Blessings of golden light and clarity to you today!