From an email to my clients:

Hi, lovelies! 

It’s bittersweet for me to send this email to you because it’s a bit of a good-bye.  As you know my family’s moving home to Wisconsin and our move date is quickly approaching — right around July 15.

If you’ve been through a move or another significant ending, you know that it can bring up a lot of reflections and sentiments.  When I first moved from Boulder, Colorado to Memphis three years ago, I was resistant to it — I was really doubtful that I’d find kindred spirits here.  I doubted that I could find anyone who would be interested in angel readings and energy healings.  I’m so glad I was wrong!

You’re a shining light!  You’re a treasure!  Your interest in my work and your trust in me have been the best part of my time here in Memphis.  Thank you so much for that!

A reminder that I can easily do my work from a distance — I have clients in several states and in the UK and Australia.  So this isn’t *really* goodbye — at least it doesn’t have to be.  We can still work together and I’m still researching how to do teleseminars so that I can offer group workshops by phone (realistically, I won’t get to this for a few months, so bear with me…).  I anticipate taking off the whole month of July and maybe into August as I work to get my family settled in our new home (which we haven’t bought yet, but hope to this weekend, but that’s another whole story, heehee).

As a small gesture of gratitude and the closing of a circle, I’m offering a free angel meditation at my home office on Wednesday, June 22 at 7:30pm.  One of my latest learning opportunities brought the reminder that money is simply energy that we use to exchange one thing for another (yes, triggered by losing lots of money on the sale of our house, but that’s yet another story!  LOL).  In this way I’d like to exchange my energy of gratitude for you with your energy of being in a space of receptivity with me.

At this point I don’t know exactly what the meditation will be about — we’ll just stay open to whatever comes through.  I’ve been working a bit lately with the concept of gold creator light, which I’ve experienced to be very powerful and effective.  It’s possible that the golden light will come up (most likely I’ll use it to center myself before connecting with the angels).  Over the past few months I’ve been working very closely with several goddesses and with the Hawaiian method of Ho’oponopono.  I’ll just go with the flow and relay to you any images, sounds and feelings I get.  I don’t anticipate lecturing much on a topic, but there may be time for some brief individual mini-readings or questions.

It’s been interesting, this transition time.  I could feel very clearly how my angels were leading me to finish some energetic work (some of it very challenging at times!) and it’s been interesting to notice some new people coming into my life just as I’m leaving.  And, I’ve also come into contact with some people I met when I first came to town — there was a last bit of karma to clear with those people, I guess.  Those strange in-between places can be so rich — like an ocean tide pool.  Full of all kinds of fascinating life forms.

I wish I could fully tell you how deeply I appreciate you in my soul’s journey, but maybe at the meditation you’ll be able to feel it.

I hope you can join me — I’d love to say goodbye!

Please RSVP if you can come:  901/201-7241 or

Blessings of the angels to you, Laura

ps — since my home is staged now, a lot of my chairs are in storage, so depending on the size of our group, some of us will be siting on the floor.  If you have a pillow or blanket you’d like to sit on, I invite you to bring it.  I’ll be offering water and some light snacks, but you’re welcome to bring anything you’d like to munch or sip on (no alcohol, please).  Oooh!  Even better — if the weather’s nice, we could be outside, which would be fun!  Love to you, Laura