Yes, it happens.

Lately I haven’t been doing something I’ve wanted to do — I’ve been told by my own angels during meditation, and from several trusted colleagues that I shouldn’t do this thing because it wouldn’t be for my highest good.

But I really want to — there’s a very strong pull to do it. 

It really doesn’t matter what it is . . . we all have these things that tempt us.  Maybe it’s a bag of chips and a container of French onion dip.  Maybe it’s a pan of brownies.  Maybe it’s a cigarette or a bottle of wine.  Maybe it’s buying something you don’t need.  Maybe it’s contacting someone who’s not good for you.  Maybe it’s that juicy piece of gossip.  Maybe it’s blaming someone else for your stuff.  Maybe it’s running away when you should be facing something head-on.

Anyway, we’ve all got our “stuff” to deal with and sometimes the temptations are very great.  Then, we try to pause and heal the layers underneath the desire.  Because, really, it’s not about the brownies — it’s whatever you’d be better doing instead of eating the brownines.  See?

If the brownies keep you from having to deal with a tough conversation with someone — better to put down the brownies and muster up the courage to confront that person, or create that boundary, or take care of yourself in an appropriate way.

It’s really not the brownies, or the gossip, or the other person. 

It’s really something within you that’s right under the surface.  Step with courage toward that place and know that you don’t step alone — your angels have got your back, my friend.

Love and blessings to you, Laura