Hey, friends!  Well, it’s time for my move Home. 

My last day in Memphis is Friday the 15th and I’ll be back online and working again on August 1.

I probably won’t be posting during this time (I’ll have limited access to my computer and the internet).

As soon as I can I’ll be sending an email out with my new phone number and email address.  My website will remain the same, but if you’d like to be on my mailing list, please send me message with your contact information and I’ll add you.  My email will be available for about another month and then I’ll be shutting it down.

I’m planning to put together teleseminars in the fall — so you can call in and I’ll do a guided meditation and a little presentation.  If you’re interested in that, please let me know.  The first one I offer will be free (so that I can get used to the technology and work out any kinks with the process).  I hope to offer that in September.

It’s a very cool thing to be going Home — like a hero’s journey, actually.  I’m sure things will be coming up and I’ll share what’s appropriate.

As it is, this move has brought to me a lot of learning, growing and healing.  Some people I’ve met along the way have brought me layers of work to address and it’s been good.  A golden blessing to me (though at times the work was messy and difficult — it was wonderful to move through it all.  I’m deeply grateful to the soul teachers I’ve had lately — I love you dearly!)  One person in particular — sending deep, eternal love and gratitude to you.  We will all meet again, be it in this physical form or in another form in another dimension and that is a very cool truth to hold!

I love you, Memphis — you have filled my heart with some unexpected and precious treasures!  Bye for now!  -Laura