From an email to my clients:


I’m writing from my new home office in Sussex, Wisconsin (it’s a northwest suburb of Milwaukee).  The view around me inside the office is a mass of cardboard boxes full of files and books — not inspiring.  But, the view outside my window is wonderful!  Right under my window are hostas, ferns and giant hydrangeas.  Beyond that is my big backyard that backs up to a grassy space and beyond that acres of beautiful trees that are, at the moment, swaying in the breeze.  We see deer back there and at night there are dozens of fireflies
dancing around.  It’s really magical at night!

My bedroom has a huge window and I wake up every morning to glorious sun rises.  It’s pretty great!

We survived the move well — nearly everything arrived (we’re mysteriously missing my daughter’s nightstand and the kids’ shower curtain) unbroken.  The house has a more casual feel than our last house and it suits us really well.  It’s a bit smaller, which also feels right.  I’ll miss my nice big office in Memphis, but the view from this one really can’t be beat.  We’re having some painting done, which looks great so far.  We’ve had all four grandparents visit, three cousins, two aunts and some close friends.  It’s really nice to be Home
(in the physical sense).

As we know, big transitions always bring up layers of stuff.  For the last few years I’ve been learning to keep my energy separate from other people’s stuff, rather than taking it on and suffering along with them.  And, that shift for me made the move a lot easier.  For example, our moving truck driver ruffled all the other movers’ feathers quite a lot (alpha male stuff, mostly, some power/control/victim stuff) and in the past I would have felt responsible for that (don’t ask me why — I know it sounds crazy, but I would have).  This time, when I started picking up the friction that was happening, I began doing energy healing on it, and it felt lighter (at least from my perspective).

Some lingering layers involve my dog.  He’s really old — over 15 years old.  He’s really my husband’s dog — they hunt together and are really close.  It was hard on them both to be separated since April 1.  Cooper’s (the dog) health has really deteriorated over the last few months and he has a lot of potty accidents.  It gets tiring, cleaning up the mess.  I’m still working on it, but I know in addition to age, this issue also includes some anger energy (being p*ssed off, being in a p*ssy mood, you get the picture).  My work in this is to see how I’m surrounded by other people’s anger and that I try to clean it up.  I’m taking responsibility for other’s emotions where it’s really not my work.  It’s really theirs.  And, when I can separate out other people’s emotions and energies, I can get to the root of my own, which also probably contain anger and victim energy. 

This is when it gets tough — to have full clarity and awareness in the middle of a messy situation (pun intended).   Can we see beyond the task and situation at hand to see what the Universe is trying to tell us so that we can heal it?  We are really never victims.  But, sometimes it can be hard to see what’s what.  I get it . . . I really do.  We work to maintain clarity — to maintain
connection to our higher self and our guides. 

Can we respond instead of react?  Can we pause in the midst?  Yoga friends: can you pause between your inhales and exhales?  Can you find the eternal moment when it presents itself, especially when you feel it’s way too hectic, too crazy, too messy?

It’s just work.  It’s just an opportunity.  If we miss this one, another one will surely present itself.  No worries.  You’ll get there — all roads lead to the same place! 

And, I support you in the work.  I send my love and encouragement and the certainty that you’re doing great!  Just keep going, one step at a time, one breath at a time. 

Another little snag for me was that our old internet provider disconnected my old email address before I had a chance to forward my current and stored emails.  So, if you’ve sent me an email lately, I’m bummed to say I no longer have it, and maybe never even got it.  I hate that I’ve lost some stuff that I wanted.  But, it’s also strangely refreshing to have a totally clean slate imposed on me. 
(If only I had the courage to do the same with that pile of boxes of miscellaneous who-knows-what in the basement!)  It wasn’t my choice, but I guess the universe felt that it was in the plan.  So, I move forward (and, notice that I did not mention the internet provider?  Fellow ACIM students:  I forgive it all!  😉 )

Here’s my new contact information:

Laura Watson
I’ll be ready to do phone sessions (or in-person sessions, if you want to visit me in Milwaukee!) after August 1, so let me know if you’d like to schedule something.

Sending love to you all!  Blessings of clarity and an awareness of the beauty and brilliance that is you!

Love of the angels, Laura