A few years ago, or whenever — I can’t remember anymore — I heard of a practice of wearing a karma bracelet.  You set the intention of releasing all karma with someone/something and you put on a bracelet that you wear around the clock.  When the bracelet eventually breaks, your karma is fully released.  I always thought it sounded pretty cool.

About a month or so before I left Memphis, I bought a cute little bracelet that had a charm on it stamped with the word “karma”.  The card that came with it talked about positive karma — like whatever good you put out will make its way back to you.  I liked that concept and felt it was time to embrace that reality for myself (with my work and self-healing practice, I spend a lot of time identifying negative karma that needs to be released).  So, I bought the bracelet and have worn it for weeks. 

It’s gotten tarnished and tattered (didn’t look so cute after a while).  My daughter (my little fashion policewoman) kept asking (with a twinge of impatience and judgement in her little voice) if I was still wearing that bracelet.  I said yes, that I’d wear it until it broke and my karma was fully released.  (At that she’d roll her eyes, no doubt thinking her mom is a complete nutcase, and walk away.)

I wore it to yoga everyday and I’d watch the little crystal bead jiggle around on my wrist as I worked to hold postures and maintain my breath and focus.  I wore it to shower and to sleep.  I wore it when I cared for my children and I cleaned the house.  I wore it when I said goodbye to old friends and neighbors in Memphis and hello to friends and new neighbors in Milwaukee.  I wore it when I was stretching and growing and when I was resting.

Today I wore it during my ashtanga practice and when I talked to a very dear friend from Memphis.  A friend who brought me layers of karma and walked with me while I cleared them.  A friend who I love deeply and who I appreciate completely.  Within an hour of the conversation, the bracelet broke.

I was moved.  Joyous and a touch nostalgic.  I realize an era has come to a close, but I’m not sure what’s coming next.  I’m in an in-between-y place right now, but I feel free and clear . . . and ready.

My karma bracelet broke!  (Feels a little like my water broke on a birth of some kind.)  I welcome what is coming for me!