Wow, talk about instant manifesting!

I just asked my husband today when I’d be getting a new local phone number (and even a new smart phone?) so that I could plan to announce it and buy new business cards.  Well, never a guy to stand around, he immeditately got me a new phone number and shut off my old one!   When I said to him, “Whoah, I needed some time to communicate that to people,”  he immediately then reinstated my Memphis number and planned to have the switch-over happen on Friday.  So, a lot of manifestation happening pretty quickly around here!

So, as of Friday this week, my new phone number will be 262/225-3779.   Until then, you may reach me at my 901-area-code number. 

Okay, so now to manifest a smart phone . . .  🙂

Blessings and love to you today!  -Laura