Wow, I’ve been away from my website/blog for so long, they totally changed that behind-the-scenes stuff and I almost couldn’t figure out how to get back.


Hi!  Thank you, sweet, gentle readers, for the nudge to come back.

I sit here now not knowing what to say.  In a way I have books and volumes to write.  And, in a way I have nothing to say.  Funny…

But, I’ll tell you that I’m well and I’m walking my talk right now.  I’m working on myself.  Shedding some old skin, some old layers.  Going deep into some dark, swampy places.

I’m learning (well, not learning, since I already knew it, but I’m experiencing) that I am not a victim, no matter what my mind and my ego would have me believe.  I’m not a victim.  I’m very powerful — I’ve created everything in my experience.  Yes, even the stuff I don’t like.  Even the stuff that hurts me.

I’m working to remove that stuff I don’t want.  And, it’s not always easy because those things have complicated root systems and I want to get it all up and out.  I planted that stuff a while ago and I had my reasons for planting it.  Some reasons were deliberate, some were unconscious.  But, it was me and my reasons and now I’m revisiting the layers and consciously discerning what stays and what goes.

Yeah, it’s cleaning out the basement, I guess.  [giggle]

I encourage you to keep up the great work.  Keep cleaning.  Keep forgiving, keep looking.  You’re making progress — don’t judge yourself.  Love yourself.  Be kind to yourself.

Live and love on purpose, my friends!  I love you!  You are Light.

Blessings today!  I won’t be away so long this time.