So, for the last few days, I’ve encountered some mild frustration on the roads here in Wisconsin (strange, because since I learned to drive in Wisconsin, I usually find everyone’s driving behavior familiar and predictable).  I’ve gotten behind people — actually whole groups of drivers who collectively want to drive five miles under the speed limit (also strange… usually people have been driving five miles faster on these roads…)

And, of course, I’ve got places I’m trying to get to — yoga class, picking up my kids, running Christmas errands … you know.  So, I feel antsy and annoyed when someone else is forcing me to move slower than I want to.  I feel powerless (maybe even a little (gasp!) like a victim).

So, last night I was on my way to the yoga studio and was tied up behind car after car that was not driving my preferred speed and I lamented at my angels, “WHY???  What’s going on here?”

I’m sure you can guess what they said… “Laura, dear one, we ask that you slow down.  Have patience.”

I say back, “I just want to get THERE — I don’t want to be HERE!”

To which they replied, “It’s not the time for you to be there right now — now it’s time for you to be here.  You will get there in time, but not at this moment.  Accept where you are.  Notice where you are.  Don’t miss this opportunity by looking too far into the future or wishing to be somewhere other than where you are right now.”

I understood what they meant — in fact, I’m sure I’ve delivered the same message to clients I’ve worked with.  I understand that they’re not talking about traffic and the yoga studio.  I understand.

And, then I realized it’s an uncomfortable place to be, isn’t it?  We just want to get where we want to be — sometimes when we’re in the middle of change or transformation, it’s uncomfortable and chaotic.  We just want what we want and it’s hard to be patient.  The angels encourage us to have faith in the present and in the future and not try to force anything.  When we force things, we alter the energy of it — we distort the energy.  When we allow the natural unfolding of our lives, we experience it with more clarity and truth.

So, I do my best to relax.  You know what I mean?  Have you tried yin yoga?  Sometimes we’re asked to do yin yoga in our lives.  Relax into the discomfort.  Breathe.  Trust that this too shall pass.